10 Steps to Find Your Passion and
Turn It Into a Thriving Business

How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit 

Want to earn a living playing to your passion? Many people want to leave their 9-5 jobs, they are tired of working someone else’s dreams and they want to work their own. Maybe you can relate, maybe you are tired of waking up, making the long commute to work on an overcrowded bus or train, or you have had enough of driving a 1 to 2-hour commute along a busy highway. Have you had it with your unfulfilling, unsatisfying job that doesn’t appreciate your talents and skills? Are you tired of all of the unpaid extra hours and constantly catching up on your work on your own personal time? Or are you finished with being overworked, underpaid, and stressed over a job that you are not even excited about?

You are not alone; millions of people wish they could find their passion and Here’s the great news…YOU CAN! I do have to be real with you though, being an entrepreneur or business owner takes work! You have to find something you are truly passionate about, find a way to do it to serve others, and develop an entrepreneur mindset.

Not to worry!


Here are 10 steps to find your passion and make it a side hustle or full-time job:

Step One: Identify your passions. The first place to start before jumping into the pool of entrepreneurship is identifying your true passion or strengths. You have to find one or two or three things that you love doing, the things that you could do for hours and never get bored. Think about your interests and hobbies, the things you enjoy doing for fun. Ask yourself, “If I won the lotto, what would I do for the rest of my life?” Think about the things you enjoy doing in your free time, things you could do for hours and not realize time passed. Think about the skills that you excel at, what have people told you are your strengths? Also, take a look at your hobbies and interest to see if you have potential business ideas within those. Make a list of your passions or strengths, see if any stand out. Jump online and research your top one or two choices to begin to explore whether or not they are profitable ideas.

Step Two: Set your vision. Before jumping headfirst into entrepreneurship you need to sit back and decide your WHY’s in all areas of your life, not just your business. Think about all areas of your life and what true happiness and success look like. What does success look like in your business, health, finances, relationships, parenting, and any other areas of importance? In each area think about why it is important to you. Also, think about how starting a business doing what you love will raise your level of success, happiness, and fulfillment in all other areas of your life. Once you know your Why, your reason for wanting to do what you love for a living, it will keep you focused and motivated to keep going when times get tough.

Step Three: Test drive your passion. There are many ways to make the transition from working for someone else to start your own business. You can quit your job and jump in and it becomes sink or swim. You can find someone else that is doing what you are doing and work for them and learn from them before you leap into starting your own business. Or, you can test drive your business idea and run it part-time while working your full-time job. If you know you are a real go-getter and you are the type of person to give 100% on your goals, then maybe making the leap from your job to entrepreneurship is the option for you. Or maybe you can volunteer at a place of business or volunteer your services or sell your products at a significant discount to see if you like the work or how customers respond to your products or services. Regardless of how you choose to test drive your idea I recommend testing your it by doing it part-time in your free time. Reach out to people you know, run ads online, go to networking and business events, or reach out to potential clients to let them know about your business. Try it out part-time and review your results. This will give you an indication of your passion has the potential to be profitable.

Step Four: Turn up your passion to make a profit. If you think you have found your profitable business idea and you have seen positive results on your test drive, it’s now time to turn up your passion to make a real profit. At this point, you would maybe set up social media, start an e-mail list, go to meetups, run more ads, and really turn up your marketing efforts. Be careful who you talk to about your entrepreneurship endeavours, especially when it comes to your coworkers and employees at your job. You should be very quiet about your desires to leave your job because in some cases it may be a conflict with your job, or if they find out you could be terminated. You want to leave your job on YOUR terms, not your employers.

Step Five: Develop an entrepreneurial mindset. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to shake your 9-5, employee mindset and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. What does this mean? It means you have to begin to think like a business owner. You have to rely on your own decision-making along with any mentors you may have. You have to shake the idea that you wake up every morning at a certain time and go to a job, put in certain hours and go home. You have to release the notion that you will get a pay check every two weeks. You have to learn to manage your money differently. And you have to get used to not being in constant contact with co-workers daily. You need to start thinking like a business owner. You have to understand that you will have long days, have to prioritize your daily tasks, maybe working in isolation at times, and learn to invest in yourself and your business.

Six: Get your finances in order. This is a BIG one for potential entrepreneurs. It is VERY difficult to go from collecting a pay check every few weeks or every month to getting paid on an inconsistent basis in some cases. It is important to prepare yourself before making the leap into a full-time business as much as possible. Of course, you can never fully prepare, however, if possible try to save up money to take care of your bills and living expenses for at least 6 months. As you are building your side business, be sure to put money aside to pay your living expenses and anything that you need for your business. It will help ease the transition into entrepreneurship. Again, if you are a real go-getter and you are the type of person to jump in and go full-out, then, by all means, make the leap. However, try to be as prepared as you possibly can and that includes getting your finances in order.

Step Seven: Build your e-mail list. Successful entrepreneurs and business owners know the power of an e-mail list. There are many entrepreneurs making 6 to 7 figures every year selling only to people who are on their mailing list. What is an e-mail list? It is a list of people who usually sign-up electronically on your website or through your social media to receive information from you about your products and services. Usually, you give out a lot of FREE advice, tips, tools, through e-mail to your list and occasionally try to sell them your products or services. Entrepreneurs that are really great at this can almost predict their monthly and yearly sales and they have a steady stream of income flowing into their business. Spend time building your list and getting people interested in your products or services. A great way to learn about how to build your e-mail list is to spy on people who are doing what you do by signing up for their e-mail list and seeing what they say and how they market to their list.

Step Eight: Get the right tools and resources. When you begin to see money coming in from your side hustle, your passion, it is important to start to find the right tools, resources, and begin to build your team. The key to having a sustainable, profitable business is systems, tools, resources and a team to help you streamline processes and tasks that you shouldn’t be sending your time doing. Most new entrepreneurs find it difficult to spend money on business systems and building a team because they don’t know if they will see the return on investment. I understand; coming from a 9-5 mindset many people have not been exposed to those types of business decisions. However, thinking like an entrepreneur, you want to spend your time growing your business, generating new clients, new products and services, and focusing on the bigger picture, and having the right process and people in place will allow you to do that. Think about the systems you need that will save you time, money, and stress.  Some of the basics that most entrepreneurs need are, an e-mail list building system like MailChimp or Convertkit; a website or landing page that you direct people to learn about your products or services or to give away a freebie. You may want a social media presence, (again be careful if you are concerned about your current employer finding out about your business), and you may want a sales sequence system. You may also want to get a few freelancers on board, a copywriter to write e-mails and blog posts, a graphic designer to develop graphics for your website, business cards, and logos, and social media manager to manage and grow your social media followers.

Step Nine: Connect with the right people (mentors, coaches, teachers). You may have heard the saying, “don’t re-create the wheel”; this is true when it comes to business. Don’t think that you have to create everything from scratch, instead, look at what other people in your field are doing and borrow and remix their information for your own business. This is something that highly successful people do. They don’t go out and generate ideas, strategies, products, or services in isolation, they find mentors, coaches, teachers or other people to collaborate with. You can do the same. Find teachers who can teach you about the business or marketing aspects of entrepreneurship. Or seek out mentors, people who are already doing what you are trying to do and ask them for guidance and assistance. Get a coach. A business coach is a great way to hold you accountable and really accelerate your business. Regardless of the type of business, you are setting out to do, seek out people to help and support you, coaches, teachers, mentors, family members, friends, freelancers, or anyone else that you think will support you on your journey.

Step Ten: Make the leap! You have discovered your true passion, tested it out, are making money with your side-hustle serving others, you have the systems, teams, and mentorship in place. You have at least 6 months of your living expenses set aside and now it’s time to leave your job or to make the jump into running your business. If you are working make sure you leave on your own terms, if you are not employed it is just as important to commit to a date to transition your side-hustle into your full-out business. Get serious about turning your passion into a thriving business. Get into a morning routine or ritual just as you did when you were employed, however, wake up with a purpose and focus each day. Have a list of TO-Dos for yourself on a personal level and for your business. Stick to your list of daily actions and be sure to do the most important tasks first. Think to yourself, “if I could only do ONE thing on my business today what would that one thing be?” Then think about the second most important task, third, and fourth until you come up with at least 6 or 7 tasks. Then complete them in order of importance.

Finding your true passions and turning it into a business is not an easy decision. You have to your business. One of the biggest mistakes most new entrepreneurs make is being at the bottom of their business, meaning they take on all aspects of the business, the marketing, social media, graphics, developing the services or sourcing products, collecting money, answering e-mails, and so much more. As a result, they get burned out and the business doesn’t thrive and eventually, the business folds and they go back to a job and never jump back in pursuing their passion. Believe in yourself. Get help with mentors, systems, and freelancers. Remember why you got started. Don’t quit! You can do what you love for a living, serve others, and create the freedom and life you want. Now, go out there and live your dream!

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