5 Coaching Tips for Donald Trump on his Presidential Race

The whole world is watching this American Presidential race, many in disbelief, others in shock, some in awe of the candidates and what’s being said and done. However, we all know which candidate stands out more than the other and that is The Donald, Mr. Trump, Donald Trump. He has always been outspoken, a straight-shooter, and frank, but now that he has jumped in the presidential race and is now the Republic candidate, the comments are sharper, offensive, ridiculous, sexist, and racist, you have to judge that for yourself.

In light of all that is going on with Mr. Trump (not sure why people have to call him “Mr. Trump” but that’s a conversation for later), I thought I would give him some coaching advice as if he were a coaching client of mine. Some of this advice/coaching may be of benefit to you, check it out.

Here are 5 Coaching Tips I would Give Donald Trump on his Presidential Race

1. Donald, who are you really? Let’s take away the billions, real estate mogul title, bad hair, TV persona, Republican nomination, husband, father, and grandfather titles, and all other roles and titles that you play. Who are you at your core? That is the first question I would ask him. You see it appears he has lost his way, he has forgotten who he really is and what he values most. Now you might think it’s money, fame, and domination, but that doesn’t speak to his authentic self, his true self. That is a question he needs to ask himself before he becomes so lost that he cannot find his way back. It’s easy to pretend to be someone else when the public wants you to be the person they want you to be, but finding your way back to your true self is very difficult.

2. If you could pass on anything except for material things or (advice about how to acquire material things) to your children and grandchildren, what advice would you pass on? The Donald is acting like Donald Duck not Donald Trump, he is quacking at everything and everyone for no reason other than to get attention. News Flash! A quacking duck pretending to be an eagle will eventually be exposed for what it really is…a duck. As i often say, pretenders can only pretend for so long, soon enough true colours will be shown. He needs to forget the quacking and provide the American people with the same meaningful advice he would give to his children and grandchildren. Stop going for the shock value, off the cuff, “I am one of you, but I’m really not because I’m rich approach” b.s. and speak from the heart. Speak like you actually care about the country and the people and speak as though you are trying to actually make their lives better as you are your own children.

3. Keep your inside voice inside. You don’t have to say everything you think because you cannot possibly think everything you say. Shut up! (I wouldn’t say this to a client by the way ha-ha) Think before you speak, pause, take time to consider what is being asked and how it’s aligned to your real values, not the TV persona b.s. you are putting out there. If you can’t do that you shouldn’t be president.

4. Another question I would ask Donald is, “What is one area of your life that you would like more happiness or fulfillment?” And don’t tell me you are 100% satisfied in all areas of your life, that’s a complete lie. As Tony Robbins says, billions of dollars in a person’s bank account doesn’t mean they are happy and fulfilled, if that was the case they would call him or other coaches to help them tap into more happiness and fulfillment. Donald, I will ask you again, What area of your life would you like more happiness or fulfillment? Be honest. Once you are honest, you can take action and move in the direction of elevating that area. By the way, elevating one area of your life elevates other areas of your life, working on that area will enhance your ability to become a more engaging presidential candidate.

5. There is so much more advice and coaching I could offer Donald Trump, but I think I will end with this. I would challenge Trump to spend one week traveling the countries speaking to lower and middle-class Americans in their homes without any cameras or Public Relations people, just him sitting down with real people, having real conversations about their real challenges. It’s about connecting and really understanding average people, how they live, and the challenges that they face. If Trump actually did this, he would really understand what people really want and it would help him to possibly connect to who he really is and the real reason he is running for President.

As I said this advice and coaching that I would provide Trump is purely from a coaching perspective. Are there other things I would say as a person with an opinion about him, some of the things he’s said, and how he treats people? You bet your a$$! I wrote this article as tips for Donald Trump, but let’s be real, we can all ask ourselves some of these questions and take a deeper look at our own lives. We live in a world where we are quick to judge and slow to nudge. Quick to judge others for what we see or hear, but slow to take actions to better ourselves or learn from our lessons and make adjustments. Now if I was able to vote for him would I vote for him as the next President of the United States? HELL NO!

I’m not saying don’t have opinions about what you see, hear, read, and experience, I am saying that you have to take ownership of your life. You own your happiness. You own your fears. You are the driver of your life. Just like Donald Trump you have to live with the choices you make, things you say, and relationships you effect in positive and negative ways. So let’s all ban together and give The Donald the advice he needs before he self-destructs and takes down the American economy with him.

What advice would you give Donald Trump? Leave a comment.


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