5 Great Ways to Build Your Confidence

One of the most important keys to achieving success and building the life you want is having self-confidence. Having the belief in yourself that you have what it takes to make it. Knowing that you are a winner.

You need confidence to face challenges and get past them. You need self-confidence to be optimistic; another essential ingredient in the achievement of success. You need self-confidence to help you make better decisions about your relationships, your career, your family and your finances.

If you have not always been confident in yourself, no need to worry, we are all works in progress. No one knows it and has it all. Nor does everyone have their swag on 100% all day every day. What matters is self-improvement through conscious and well-directed practice. It is about putting fourth an effort to build your confidence every day until your actions become so ingrained within you that they are daily habits. The following tips below are going to be very useful for you as you take the bold step of building your confidence to achieve personal and professional success.

1. Get away from people who put you down

You need to understand that not everyone in your life needs to be there. Some people come into your life for a season and that season could be a few months or a few years and then it may be time to part ways. You need to gravitate towards those who you think can help you get better while weeding out the ones that make you feel bad about yourself by spending less time with them and totally avoiding them.

2. Change your body language and image

Smile more, ensure that you always make eye contact, and talk slowly to convey your thoughts in the best manner possible. Sit up straight and always do your best to look presentable while dressing appropriately for any occasion you are invited to.

3. Knowledge is power

The more you know, the more confident you become. Learn all you can about your field and network with other people who are well-experienced and even more knowledgeable than you. Also, spend more time getting to know yourself. Too many people don’t take time to ask themselves powerful questions about what they are and where they want to go in life. Take time to sit with yourself and take a deep dive into your strengths and areas you are curious about.

4. Get failure out of your mind

Everyone fails at something. The faster you understand this, the better you work on your weakness and stop putting yourself them. Don’t beat up yourself for coming up short on something especially if you can improve on it. And if it is something that you cannot improve upon, for instance; your height, focus your thoughts on the positives about yourself. Think of other amazing attributes that you have, things that others love about you.

5. Be thankful for where you are in life

Make a list of your major life achievements on a sheet of paper, you will probably see that you are not doing as bad as you think. Whenever you start thinking negative thoughts, remember your past accomplishments and pay attention to the things that are currently going right in your life. Therefore being thankful for one’s accomplishment can be a real confidence booster.

Most people are rarely born with a high level of self-confidence. In fact, most people who appear to be the most confident have most likely struggled with confidence in the past and probably had to develop strong habits to get where they are in life. The good news is that you can build your confidence by practicing these five tips regularly.

You have it within you to build your confidence and build the life you want.


Danny, Your Mindset Coach

Danny Stone is a Speaker, Mindset Coach and Author of the best-selling book, You Have The Keys, Now Drive. For more than 15 years he has been helping people get more clarity, take massive action, and create the lives they want. He’s helped countless individuals move from the passenger seat to become the drivers of their lives. If you are struggling in your life or business and want more success and happiness, contact Danny to set up your Free Clarity Call.

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