5 Things You Aren’t Telling Yourself That I Will


  1. You don’t have to settle for things that suck in your life.

Stop telling yourself that the job you hate is just how it is, or everyone else is in debt so it’s okay for me to be, or I don’t know what I want in life so I’ll just keep settling for what I am doing. You do not have to settle for less than you deserve. Stop brainwashing yourself and allowing other people to influence you to keep living a mediocre life. Be who you want to be and do what you were meant to do, success and happiness will follow. You need to change your perspective or change your situation. For instance, if you don’t like your job and you often complain about it to friends, family or whoever will listen; you have two options. The first it to sit down and make a list of everything you don’t like, (easy enough), and the things you really like. Don’t say there isn’t much you don’t like, get started with, you get paid on a regular basis, maybe you have benefits, you like your boss or coworkers, you learn new skills, I practically wrote that for you. Make a complete list of “likes” and “don’t likes” and if there are aspects of your job you like try to do more of that in your job. You can volunteer to do more of what you like, sit on committees, swap tasks with a coworker; there are ways to do that. If you still hate your job its time for option number two. Are you ready?… Quit! Shocking I know, but you can find another job doing more of what you like or working for a company more aligned with your values. Lots of companies are looking; waiting for you. You just have to make a plan and start your journey.

  1. You are more than good enough, you have greatness within you.

Yup, you may not want to hear it, but you are awesome, talented, and you have gifts to offer your loved ones and the world. The mirror can be your best friend or your worst enemy it all depends on what you see and say when you look into it. Try positive affirmations in the morning and throughout the day. Say things like, “I am great…”, Or “no one can do my job the way I can, I am talented, knowledgeable, and talented.” how about, “I am an excellent parent or partner, I am loving, supportive, empathetic, and caring.” Stuck in debt, tell yourself, ” I will be completely debt-free because I have the power and tools to do so” when you change the way you talk to yourself, you change your perspective and you will move towards living your best life.

  1. Set goals, write them down, and do something about them every day!

Obvious I know, but most people don’t set goals, they make wishes and we all know there aren’t that many genies in the world to grant them. Stop being lazy and make a commitment to living your best life. Now I know some of you may believe in the law of attraction, ask, believe and you shall receive; in my opinion, there is some truth to that, however, you need to add another layer, commitment. Take time to formulate S.M.A.R.T(S) Goals, write them down, visualize them, and work towards them daily. You will be amazed at what opens up for you, your goals will come to life.

  1. Exercise, exercise, exercise.

Didn’t I already say stop being lazy? Well, I am saying it again. Look, I understand it is difficult to find time to exercise, but it is important to maintain your health. You need to exercise, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Physically speaking, we all know the benefits of exercise, it promotes better health, gives you more energy, reduces the possibility of health risks. Exercising also helps to promote a positive self-image, the better you physically feel about yourself the more you are mentally energized and the more swag you have. It will also translate to other areas of your life. Let’s talk about mental workouts. You need to take some time for yourself each day to recharge your batteries and develop a deeper understanding of who you are. What I mean is that you need to take some time each day to sit quietly, or meditate, or relax to connect with yourself, to break free of the stresses and pressures of work, family, and financial responsibilities. This will give you more clarity on where you are now and where you want to go in life. Lastly, spiritual exercises. I am not necessarily speaking about religion, it’s more about connecting with something bigger than yourself. This may be a little deep, but it’s connected to taking time out, it’s about understanding what the universe or higher spiritual being is telling you. We often ignore little messages that come our way, we write them off as unimportant, however, sometimes they can be messages for us to act upon something, you need to listen. Set time every week to exercise physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  1. Stop hanging out with “losers”

Oops, did I say that? (Steve Urkle voice. Google it if you don’t know), I certainly did! There are different types of losers, the type of people who try to achieve their goals and fall short. I am not talking about that type of loser. I am talking about people that try to hold to hold you down, they are unsupportive.

My grandmother used to “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” that has always stuck with me. You are who you associate with, if you associate with negative people who are stuck in their lives and have no motivation to change their situation, you will be the same. They will hold you back when you try to move forward and keep you stuck. If you associate with positive, motivated, inspiring people, you will be the same and you will start to move towards living the life you want.

In order to live your best life, you have to be honest with yourself, treat yourself well, believe that you deserve more, and take action. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people, and the possibilities will open up for you. It’s time to replace those negative thoughts with positive mantras, you have the keys now drive.


Danny, Your Mindset Coach

Danny Stone is a Speaker, Mindset Coach and Author of the best-selling book, You Have The Keys, Now Drive. For more than 15 years he has been helping people get more clarity, take massive action, and create the lives they want. He’s helped countless individuals move from the passenger seat to become the drivers of their lives. If you are struggling in your life or business and want more success and happiness, contact Danny to set up your Free Clarity Call.

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