5 Ways Coaching Has Helped Me
In My Personal Life And My Business

How Coaching Changed My Life and Can Change Yours Too!

I use to think coaching was only for CEOs, executives and business owners. I never thought it was for a regular person like myself. I looked at coaching for people who were successful, or famous, not for someone like me who was normal, stuck and struggling in life.

It wasn’t until I got fed up with living life in the middle that I began to consider coaching. When I got tired of working my 9-9 job that didn’t bring joy or fulfillment that’s when I decided to do something different. I was tired of being tired. I was tired of struggling to figure out what I really wanted. I didn’t how to move forward in my life. My career was at a standstill, my health wasn’t good, my mindset was very negative, I knew I had to do something different.

That’s when I decided to get a coach. It changed my life! Coaching helped me to open up my life and turn impossible into not possible, but accomplished! In the past I had friends I considered to be successful recommend coaching. They told me that was the key to them having the freedom they had in their lives. One friend told me coaching was the only reason he quit his executive job and start his own business. Another friend said coaching saved his marriage because he was able to get to the root of his unhappiness. Another friend who had severe anxiety and stress told me coaching helped her to release her anxiety and stress and find more peace and calm in her life. After years of seeing how coaching was powerfully working in the background in my friends’ success, I decided to make the leap and get a coach.

It changed my life in so many profound ways. So much so that I decided to become a coach myself.

Here are 5 ways coaching helped me in my personal life and my business:

1. Clarity. I use to want more out of life but I didn’t know what I wanted, I didn’t know what goals to take action on and I was feeling stuck. I needed more clarity in my life. As a result, my business was suffering and my personal life wasn’t flourishing. Once I got a coach all of that changed. My coach helped me to gain more clarity, more focus on what I really wanted and more importantly my big WHYs for what I wanted. Once I got clear, I was able to get into action and focus on the things that were important and not the things that didn’t matter.

2. Mindset. My dreams used to be impossible, so impossible that I just gave up. I never thought I could start my own business, I never thought I could travel, I never thought that I could do what I love for a living. So many things seemed impossible. I felt defeated. I felt like other people were doing amazing things and I was stuck living life in the middle. Working at a job that wasn’t me bringing joy. Coaching helped me shift my limiting beliefs to liberating truths. It helped me realize that the negative thoughts holding me back weren’t true. Once I was able to see possibility, I took massive action in my personal life and my business and amazing things opened up.

3. Accountability. Let me be honest, I use to start things and never finish. I had lots of big ideas then I would either not take action or take action on many of my goals but never see them through. Why? I wasn’t accountable to anyone. Working with a coach is all about accountability. I don’t know about you but when I have to show up with results then I know I have to put in work to make it happen. None of the coaches I have had over the years let me off the hook. If I committed to something they would check me on my commitments and when I fell off they encouraged me to get back on track and stay the course, especially when time’s got tough. Accountability was a major key to success in achieving things I never thought was possible.

4. Blind spots. In life and in business we often think we know what’s holding us back. We think we have things all figured out sometimes. Or there are times when we just can’t seem to figure it out. We continue to make the same mistakes over and over and wonder why we aren’t getting a different result. My coach helped me to see blind spots. He helped me to see things that were keeping me stuck that I couldn’t see. That’s the power of coaching. You have someone who holds up a mirror and gets you to look in that mirror and say what you see. Then say what you don’t see. And then add other things are out of focus. I was able to see things that I have been missing for years and once identified I avoided making those mistakes again.

5. Creativity. One of the biggest challenges that we have as adults is that we lack creativity. Most of us don’t have creative jobs and even if we do it is difficult for us to be creative because it’s been taken away from us. Schools, our jobs, and social media have led us down a path of lacking creativity. This was the case for me. Being a business owner and a coach and personal development teacher, I needed to be creative to help others find their creativity and resourcefulness. I struggled with finding it. Coaching unlocked that for me. Working with my coach allowed me to be free in my creativity, to expand my dreams and to tap into my resourcefulness. My business began to grow, my connection with my clients got deeper and I became more confident in my public speaking because of my ability to think outside the box.

Coaching has helped me in so many ways. I’m more clear about my vision for my life and my business, I’m serving my clients on a deeper level, and my personal relationships have strengthened. I believe in the power of coaching, not just because I am a coach, but because I have experienced what it has done for me in my life. I have seen how it has transformed my clients’ lives. How people who were struggling in their careers found their passion and pursued it. How people were struggling financially found their way through it and are now thriving financially. How people seeking more meaning and purpose unlocked it and are living vibrant, joyful lives. I have seen the power of coaching and what it can do.

Let me say this to you. If you are feeling lost in life or undervalued and stressed in your job, then coaching can help. If you want more clarity, if you want more meaning, or you want to take your business to the next level…try coaching.

I would be honoured to have a free Clarity coaching call with you if you like. If not, I recommend finding a coach that resonates with you because I know that the right coach to elevate your business and help you create the life you want.

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