6 Things You Need to Do To Get Things Done at Work

1. Do Your Job…Well! Simple I know; but oftentimes in the workplace people spend more energy not doing the work, either by socializing, being absent, or worrying about what others are doing, that they do not do what they are paid to do. Or, sometimes employees do just enough to get by. Yes, I understand that many people are in jobs that they don’t, working at companies they wish they weren’t, but here’s a word for you…Act! You need to act like you want to be there and play the game before you get kicked out of the game, meaning unemployment.  In order to get things done and get noticed you need to do the work and do it well, or well enough not to get fired.

2. Establish a Network. Get to know people across the organization, learn about their roles, their skill-sets, and what they do, and educate them on what you do. You never know when you may require their assistance and people are more likely to help you when you are more than a name behind an e-mail or a voice on the phone.

3. Show Appreciation. People like to be recognized for their contributions and acknowledged for their accomplishments. Make sure that you recognize people who have helped you to get things done in your organization. Send them ‘thank you’ e-mails and copy others on the message, greeting cards and gifts work well, or an old fashion in-person appreciation is a great way to recognize a colleague. Keep in mind that you can show appreciation to anyone in the organization regarding their role or job title; executives appreciate these gestures too.

4. Be Your Own Cheerleader. No one knows exactly how you do what you do on a daily basis, they do not know about all of the great work that you are doing and how hard you work to get it done; so…Tell them! Society teaches us to be modest and to be humble, well that only gets you so far; if you want to get things done and weave your way to your career aspirations, you need to tell people about your achievements, accomplishments and wins.  Let them know about other skills that they may not know you have, whether you speak another language, have a designation, or have contacts that can be utilized outside the organization, let people know.

5. Be a Resourceful, Problem Solver Who Takes Initiative. Yes, I know you are thinking…” what?” In order to get things done, you need to be someone who your co-workers see as a person who figures things out, a problem solver, someone who at least attempts to come up with ideas to not only help yourself but help others. When you add value to your team and the organization people take notice and they are willing to go the extra mile for you when the time comes.

6. Be Authentic and Genuine. Unless your name is Denzel Washington or Angelina Jolene, your acting skills are probably nowhere near as great as you think. Your colleagues can tell when you are not being authentic and it will leave a taste of vinegar and onions in their mouths, which can have a negative effect on your ability to connect with them to get things done.


Danny, Your Mindset Coach

Danny Stone is a Speaker, Mindset Coach and Author of the best-selling book, You Have The Keys, Now Drive. For more than 15 years he has been helping people get more clarity, take massive action, and create the lives they want. He’s helped countless individuals move from the passenger seat to become the drivers of their lives. If you are struggling in your life or business and want more success and happiness, contact Danny to set up your Free Clarity Call.

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