7 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

Do you feel overworked, overwhelmed, stressed and under-valued at your job? Are you often daydreaming about starting a business or working for a different company? Is your job getting in the way of your family life or personal life? It may be time to look for a new job. Here are 7 signs it’s time to quit your job.

1. Your Employer’s Objectives don’t match up with your personal goals

Does your workplace have you unaligned with your values and goals? Is there a disconnect from the work that you do and the value it adds to your life? You’re not alone; many people are recognizing that their job doesn’t support their goals. Maybe you are working too much and have no work-life balance. Maybe there is no flexibility and that’s what you need in your life. Is there a lack of support and cooperation in the workplace? It may go against your personal beliefs of connecting and sharing with others. Maybe your job doesn’t support ongoing learning and that is a must in your life. Depending on how you answer these questions it could signal that it is time for you to quit and move on.


2. You are often, mentally, physically and emotionally tired

Work can be stressful and tiring at times. If you are working on major projects or at certain times of year you may be required to work extra hours and it may be emotionally or physically challenging. However, if you find that your work is becoming more and more draining and mentally you are struggling with your work and at home, it may be time to find a new job. If you often wake up and you dread going to work and become mentally, physically and emotionally ill in anticipation of going to work, it’s time to go!


3. There are no opportunities for career growth

Employers often talk about the fact that “their people are their greatest asset” however, many don’t invest in their employees and their is limited to very little career growth opportunities. If you have no upward or lateral mobility within your organization and it is something that you crave, you are better off looking elsewhere.


4. Often daydreaming about starting your own business

Do you find yourself often staring out the window or staring up at the ceiling or sky thinking about life running your own business? Have you been thinking about your big idea for a while now? If you have then it’s time to get out and make the leap into entrepreneurship. Of course, there are lots of things to consider, finances, business tools and resources, products and services you will offer, and so many other factors. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, it is a lot of work, discipline, focus, and marketing, however, if you are constantly thinking about your own business, it means you don’t want to work in your current job. It is probably time to start looking into your business ideas and possibly leave your company eventually.


5. You know you have a bigger passion or purpose

Sometimes it may feel like something is missing in your professional life, it may seem like you are struggling to engage in your work because you know you are meant for something bigger. You may know what that calling is or you may be seeking that greater purpose, however, you know what you are currently doing is not what you are meant to do. Most people won’t understand this desire to seek a higher purpose because they lock away their desires to do more in their lives. If you feeling like you are being pulled towards something bigger in your life and you find your job is getting in the way of that, it is probably time to seek out and pursue that desire. It may be a gradual exploration by doing some personal development work or volunteer opportunities, or you may decide to jump ship and take on your exploration head first if you are financially able.


6. There is a lot of turmoil and it looks like layoffs may be on the way

It is normal for companies to go through phases, sometimes they are on an upswing and business is great, others times they are struggling and not doing so well. If there is a lack of strong leadership at the top, high turnover, or large amounts of people that are unhappy, then you might want to start looking for another job. If you sense that layoffs are on the way, it’s a great idea to polish off your resume, update it, and start applying for jobs, just in case you are someone that is on “the list.” It’s better to be prepared for a possible lay off or termination opposed to getting completely blind-sided.


7. You’re not being compensated enough

It’s true, money isn’t everything, however, I am sure you can agree if you are not getting compensated enough to pay your bills then you may need to find a job that will. Or maybe you are not getting paid enough for your knowledge, skills and experience and you tried talking to your manager numerous times and it has resulted in “sorry we can give you a raise at this time” again…Time for you to go. If your company doesn’t agree that you deserve a salary that is consistent with your workload and experience, then it might be time to find a company that does.


If any of these signs ring true for you, it may be time to put your employer on notice to let them know you are moving on. No matter how much you don’t want to be in your job, remember, your personal brand is very important and you don’t want the quality of your work to deteriorate. It’s never good to burn any bridges and you may need your current manager or colleagues as a reference for a future job. Develop your exit strategy, set a date, put in your notice of termination of your employment, then move on to your next opportunity. Never settle or suffer in silence, if you having been thinking about quitting your job for some time, it is most likely time for you to take action and make that move out of your company.


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