7 Things You Can Do To Be More
Productive During This COVID-19 Quanratine

Many people are out of sync and out of their routines during this time of COVID-19 pandemic, so how can you be more productive?

Here are 7 things you can do besides working from home (if you are fortunate enough to do so)

1. Learn online. How many times have you said to yourself that you want to learn something new? Learn that new language, learn how to start a blog, or even how to start a side hustle. A great way to pass time it to take action on something you have always wanted to learn, YouTube, Google, and Udemy are great places to start. You will be surprised at how much time you can spend learning something new online. Now is the time to develop new skills because once we move through these challenging times it this, individuals who have sharpened their skills and learned new skills that will come out on top of those who haven’t. If you want to grow and expand your mind learning is required. Lifelong learners are people who evolve and deal with adversity and change more than most people.

2. Read a great book. You know you have said this many times… “I’m going to finish reading this book” but you never do. Take advantage of this time that you are home. Use it to finally finish reading that book you started months or years ago. Or better yet, pick up a new book. You can order one on Amazon. Get lost in a fiction or romance novel, get into the action with a non-fiction or self-help book, or read a sci-fi. If you are searching for great books to read that will get you thinking differently about your life and help you get into action try my book You Have The Keys, Now Drive it comes with $69 of free downloadable worksheets. Or the new book that I co-wrote with 9 other men, Knew Me, 10 stories of perseverance and lessons on how we overcame though challenge. Both are available on Amazon right now.

3. Write your book. Remember that book you said you wanted to write? How about now? Stop putting it off. You are home and you have time. Schedule time to sit down and put pen to paper and just start writing. If you need help writing a book then Google it and lots of tips and advice will come up that will teach you how to write your best-seller. Writing a book isn’t as difficult as it was even a few years ago. Now there are many resources that teach you how to write a book quickly. You can even voice record your ideas and chapters then convert it to text later and format it into a book. Now is the time to get started on that book you have always thought about.

4. Look for a meaningful new job. There is often opportunity in the middle of adversity. Maybe you have been wanting to find a new job for a while now but you haven’t done it yet. Now it is time to do some research. What do you really enjoy? What skills do you want to use? What type of companies are you interested in? Right now companies may have hiring freezes, however, once things get back to normal they will start hiring again. Now is the time to get clear about the type of meaningful work that you want to do and the companies you are interested in working for.

5. Take care of physical and mental health. I’m sure you already know this, but often when we find ourselves in the house for extended periods of time that is when we become less active than we usually are. There is no clear call for how long this COVID-19 pandemic is going to last. That being said, it’s important to be active every day. It’s important to get up and move around and get your kids moving as well. Set aside time every day to do some type of at-home physical activity, at-home workouts or games that get you and your family moving. You can find some great at-home workouts on YouTube for all fitness levels. If you have a gaming system, look for games that get you active, or if possible get out in your back yard and try skipping, jumping jacks or other activities. It’s also important to eat healthier meals. Look up recipes of food you enjoy and try to make them at home. Try to make healthier versions if possible. Nourish your body with foods that give you energy not to make you sluggish and lethargic. It’s also important to take time outs from tv, family, working from home (if you are) and your daily routine to have a pause and let your mind rest. Mental health is just as important as physical health. In times like this sometimes negative thoughts, fears, anxiety and uncertainty and take over. Take time to meditate, read, listen to relaxing music, take a bath, and do other things that help to reduce stress.

6. Get going on your goals. Remember a few weeks ago when you are on your job or at school and you wished you had more time to work on a goal or a dream of yours…Well now is your time. Now is the time to start making a plan, taking action, get clear about what you really want. Whether you want to find a new job, start a business, get fit, spend more quality time with your kids, spend more quality time with your partner, travel, or whatever your big goals and dreams, you can be working not hem right now! No excuses. You can be researching, having meaningful conversations, connecting with others that can help you with your goals. How do you get started? Sit down and write out all of the goals you have. Write down everything you want to live your bigger life. Then decided which 2 goals are the most important. Make a list of everything you can do to make those things reality. Then do at least 1 thing towards each goal every day. Even while we are under quarantine there are so many things you could do to move your goal or dream forward. Commit to doing one thing every day and you will be so much closer when this pandemic is over!

7. Start exploring a side hustle. You know you have thought about it before, especially on those days you are at work and you are stressed out and feeling under-appreciated…I wish I was my own boss. Well for many people, they just can’t quit their jobs and jump headfirst into starting a business. Many people first, have to start a side hustle or side business while working their full-time or part-time job or while going to school. If you are home, why not start laying the foundation now to start your side-hustle. Side down with a pen and paper and write down your skills, passions, knowledge and curiosities. Think about what type of problem you want to solve in the world. Then write down the types of businesses you could start. If you need some help, I have a free course that will help you figure it out called Your Profitable Passionate Idea. The course is free but it won’t be free for much longer.

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Let me know some of the other things you are doing to stay productive during this quarantine and social distancing. Leave a comment below.


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