8 Habits That Will Change Your Life!

Do you feel stuck in a job, relationship, debt, or are you struggling to move forward in other areas of our life and don’t know how?

Do you just want more happiness, success, and fulfillment and can’t seem to get more of it?

It’s difficult to achieve your goals for so many reasons, family and relationship obligations, lack of motivation because you have failed before, negative people around you are holding you back, or you just don’t have the money to do what you want to do.

I have been there, I went from growing up in a low-income housing project surrounded by drugs, crime, and violence to an Author, Business Owner, Speaker, and Mindset Coach.

I went from thinking I would never leave the projects to traveling the world.

It wasn’t easy, I had many challenges along the way, I know what it’s like to struggle with your weight, have low self-esteem, be thousands of dollars in debt, in draining relationships, or stuck in a job that is not fulfilling.

And just when my life was giving me what I asked for, I was in a major car accident that could have claimed my life, it was only through the grace of God that I walked away.

It was at that time I realized that I had a bigger purpose in life. It was to help people unlock their greatness, to understand that they can live a full life.

That’s why I became Transformation and Relationship Expert and Coach, and the reason I wrote my interactive self-help book, You Have the Keys, Now Drive. I wanted to help others understand that they have everything they need to change their lives, they just have to think differently and develop better habits.

How did I change my life?

How am I able to do what I love?

I often tell coaching clients, family, friends, colleagues, anyone that will listen,

“Change your language, change your perspective, change your life”

I changed the way I talked to myself, I went from using very negative language to positive, uplifting messages. I did it so much that I began to believe it and I started to change my perception of who I was and what I was able to achieve. Once I believed I could live my dreams, I started taking action, studied successful people, and amazing things that began to happen in my life.

I found that there were 8 habits that highly successful and fulfilled people live every day and I adopted those habits.

That is what you need to understand. You can achieve anything you want if you replace your habits that are NOT working for you, with proven habits and strategies that are working for people just like you and me.

Tony Robbins says,

“Success without fulfillment is failure”

I agree. There are many successful people who are not happy, not fulfilled, they are great at chasing and achieving goals but they don’t have a purpose, that’s why they will never be truly happy.

In my book You Have the Keys, Now Drive, I provide a strategy to help you get what you want in life. I help you develop a series of daily activities that become habits. Once you implement these habits into your life, you will experience a dramatic shift in your success, happiness, and fulfillment. You will have more clarity, a greater sense of purpose, more confidence, you will attract what you want and you will begin to achieve your goals.

The 8 habits that changed my life:

1. Looking In – Self Development

The habit of daily self-reflection helps to keep you focused on your true self. Taking time to reflect on the previous day or week helps you to deepen your understanding of your true self. Ask yourself powerful questions even if you don’t think you know the answers. Successful people are people who are sometimes afraid to ask themselves difficult, powerful, questions, but they do it anyway because they understand that they are the catalyst for changing their mindset. Take time to ask yourself, Who am I really? What do I want in life? Why do I want what I want? How can I live my dreams? What gifts do I have to share with the world? You may be surprised what answers come back to you.

2. Morning Ritual (Meaning, Meditation, Mantra)

A morning ritual is important because it helps to start your day off on a positive tone. You may already have a morning ritual, sipping your morning coffee while reading the newspaper, or eating breakfast with your kids, or listening to music on your way to work. Those are all great habits, however incorporating meaning (showing gratitude), meditation (taking time to clear your mind), and a mantra (positive sounds or words that help you concentrate). This morning ritual will help you have clarity and positivity in your day and your life. Try it out.

3. Time Out (Relaxation, Meditation, Exercise, Calm)

We live in a world of extreme busyness and constant information, and we rarely take time to slow down, but that’s exactly what we need to do. You need to take time out every day, time to relax, a time to do something that we enjoy, something that is calming and allows you to clear our mind. It can be meditation, it can be watching your favorite TV program, reading a book, exercising, anything you enjoy. You need your rest and calm on your journey to living your best life. Schedule that time with yourself every day, put it in your calendar or phone and make it your time for you.


Set smarter goals. Well, set goal period. I’m talking about real, meaningful goals, things that have strong meaning to help you move ahead in your life. It’s not good enough to just keep the goal locked in the back of your mind, you must write them down. People who write down their goals and put them in a place they see them regularly or more than 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who do not write down their goals. Make the commitment to yourself and write down your goals, you will be amazed at the action you will begin to take to achieve them.

5. Visuals (Vision Boards, Visualization, Goal Apps, Symbols)

Something that successful and fulfilled people know and do well is they use lots of visual techniques to help them see themselves living their goals and dreams and their best lives. They use vision boards, cork boards or whiteboards that have pictures and words that represent their goals and dreams. Successful people use visualization techniques, they see themselves in their ideal state, they imagine themselves doing what they set out to do, they think very vividly about what they want. They use goal apps, mobile phones, and other technology to help keep them organized and on track. Lastly, people who are living their dreams use symbols to help them stay focused on their goals, they have constant reminders that help them stay focused when they procrastinate or fall off track. Symbols are things like pictures, key chains, jewelry or anything else that has meaning. Try using these visuals into your daily and weekly routines and you will experience the power of visuals.

6. Celebrations and Lessons

You have to celebrate your wins more. I’m not talking about quick celebrations that you breeze by after you have devoted huge amounts of time, effort and money to achieve a goal. I mean really embracing your accomplishments in your life. Most of us don’t give respect and appreciation to our accomplishments as we should. For example, you may have spent 4 years in university to achieve your degree, you probably attend your graduation, then went out for dinner, later hung your degree on the wall and that was it. That may be enough of a celebration for you, the question is, how often do you reflect on your accomplishment of achieving your degree? Is it just a piece of paper on the wall or does it have real meaning? You need to appreciate your successes and be proud that you have accomplished them, You worked hard to achieve your goals, give yourself the credit.

The flip side is that you may have attempted to accomplish goals and you didn’t, maybe it’s been years and you still have a burning desire to do something but still haven’t. It’s important to look at failures as lessons. What have you learned from NOT completing your goal? What factors got in the way? What specifically did you learn about yourself along the way? What could you have done differently to ensure success? These are powerful questions you should ask yourself because they give you life lessons and teach you about yourself and your habits when attempting your goals.

7. Health/Wellness (Exercise, Healthy Eating, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Personal Development)

Exercise, healthy eating habits, and wellness activities help you to have a greater sense of self, more presence, clarity, and physically, mental, and spiritual well-being. I’m not telling you anything new. But being more mindful and present in your life will help you live a full life, a longer, healthier life. Be sure to exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week, start eating healthier, gradually start incorporating healthier foods into your diet, be more mindful of conversation with people and take time for personal development. Also how much time are you spending I personal developments? Reading nonfiction books, watching videos, attending seminars? Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were asked, “if you could have any superpower what would it be?” They both said the ability to speed read. They understand that knowledge unlocks success, mental and spiritual growth, more self-awareness, that is why they read every day. You should take the time to read or do some type of personal development every day, at least 30 minutes. Don’t have time? Make time. Extremely busy and successful people make time. Wake up earlier, read before you go to bed, or download personal development audio to your smartphone. I have almost 200 personal development audio on my smartphone that I listen to when I am driving or taking public transportation. Taking time for your health, well-being and personal development will help you live a more connected, healthy, awakened life.

8. Life Support Network (Family, Friends, Co-workers, Mentors, Coaches)

“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”

It’s something my grandmother, Mrs. Stone, use to say to me before she passed away. I never knew what it meant when I was a child but understood the true meaning when I got older. She meant that you are who you associate with. If you hang out with people who are negative, people who have no motivation, that doesn’t have goals or dreams and think everything is impossible, then you will be that way. You need a life support network, a team of people who encourage you, support you, hold you accountable, people who want to see you succeed. They could be friends and family, coworkers, mentors, coaches, or people who you admire from afar. You need to surround yourself with people who have either already done what you are trying to do or people who simply support you in your life journey. Having that support will help propel you to living the life you want.

These are 8 daily habits that have helped me dramatically change my life and the lives of many of my coaching clients and readers of my book from around the world. These habits can work for you too. I honestly believe that you have everything you need to live your best life, you just need to develop better habits.

Change is difficult, success is a challenging journey and no one can get what they want alone. That’s why I designed an interactive book to help.

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It’s time to change your habits!


Danny, Your Mindset Coach

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