8 Words That Get a Bad Rap Because Most People Don’t Understand Their Benefits


Let’s face it, the English language can be complicated; I still have trouble with “there”, “their” and “they’re”, ( I can’t be the only one!). Aside from the challenges of trying to determine the appropriate words to use to express what you are trying to say,  I find that many words get a bad rap because most people don’t understand their value. One thing that I learned about personal development is that you are what you say you are.

In the simplest form, the language that you utilize with yourself and others shapes your beliefs of yourself and others, and determine what actions you will or will not take toward living your amazing life. Are you with me?

Here’s an equation: What you say to yourself + what you believe about you + your actions on your goals = Success

There is more to it than that, however, this is a basic formula we can use for success.

As a coach, I noticed that many of my clients had very negative emotions associated with certain words. To them, and many others, these words were de-motivating and negative, caused anxiety and fear, or caused them to shut down or run in the other direction when mentioned.

After digging deeper with my clients I realized that there were various reasons why certain words stirred up negative thoughts and emotions, however, I also realized some of them had negative associations with these words because they didn’t realize their benefits.

I look at these words from personal development and life-help perspective and I see these words as motivating, inspirational, and action-oriented.

One of my mottos is…


“Change your language, change your mindset, change your life”


Here are 8 words that get a bad rap because most people don’t understand their benefits to their personal and professional development.


1. Reprogramming

This word is a Computer Programmers’ worst nightmare. They definitely don’t want to hear that a computer needs to be reprogrammed because it means that the original program was not good. In the context of reprogramming your mind, a positive way to look it this word is to reprogram your mind or mentality from negative to positive. Often coaches talk about re-programming the way you think, changing how you see yourself. Many people need to change how they think about themselves and what is possible in their lives. They may have gotten knocked down with various life challenges and their self-esteem, level of motivation, their belief in themselves may be very low and because of it their mindset is not confident. Reprogramming your mind is about changing how you think to walk in your personal power, it’s about being more confident and believing that amazing things are possible. Maybe it’s time for you to reprogram your mind and

2. Focus

To some people it means that you are not focused, you are not paying attention. The negative association with the word may stem from being in school and having teachers constantly telling you to “focus” (stern teacher voice). however, in terms of setting a path of greatness, you need to focus on what’s important to you and not get side-tracked with things that are not important or not a priority at a particular time in your life. Also think about how being focused on your 1 big goal or on values will benefit other important areas of your life.

3. Me

You’re probably thinking, why is this on the list, I know what “me” means, but it made the list because many people feel guilty or selfish for putting themselves ahead of others. It’s okay to put “me” first. So many of us think “me” is a bad word. We feel guilty for putting ourselves and our needs first. There is nothing wrong with doing what you need or want to do for yourself. Take time for yourself, celebrate who you are and the achievements of your goals. Don’t shy away from letting people know you love yourself and you dedicate time to care for yourself.

4. No

It’s one of the first words many of us learned when we were children, however, it’s a word that some of us are afraid to us. There is nothing wrong with saying no to things that are harmful, not beneficial, or not aligned with your values and beliefs. Don’t be afraid to tell people no. Telling people to know sometimes means that you are giving yourself the attention and care that you need and not running around always doing for others while neglecting your own needs. What does saying no to someone else allow you to say yes to yourself? Get back to being that two years old and start telling people no!

5. Discipline

Not associated with consequences for bad behavior. Not punishment. Discipline is extremely important to live an amazing life. Discipline to follow your curiosity, explore your dreams, to take consistent action, to adopt positive habits and see them through. You need discipline in your life. It will help you set meaningful goals and follow through even in times of difficulty and it will help you to give yourself the attention and care that you need to live an amazing life. Any successful person will tell you they got there through hard work and discipline.

6. Curiosity

You know this is a negative word when there is a saying that goes, “curiosity killed the cat”. Curiosity is something we are all born with, however, over time it diminishes for various reasons that step from our education and employment systems. Curiosity is in all of us when we are interested in something we want to know more, we want to explore, we are curious. Curiosity plays a significant role in helping you live a full, meaningful life. As I just said, discipline and curiosity are the main ingredients in living an amazing life, finding your life purpose and making a deeper connection with something bigger than yourself. Chase curiosity like you are chasing your puppy that just got off the leash!

7. Awareness

WAKE UP! That’s what the word “awareness” means to some people. It is similar to the word “focus”, however, to many people it means that are not awake. When some people hear the word awareness it freezes them, they are halted, and caught off-guard. It’s not all bad though. In the personal development world awareness means enlightenment, it means you know yourself, you are more conscious of your actions, words, and behaviors. Be aware of yourself, those around you, what you want in life, why you want what you want and how you can get it.

8. Routine

There is nothing wrong with having a routine. It doesn’t mean you are boring, mundane or uninteresting. Having a routine allows you to get important things done to allow you to do other awesome things in your life. Having a workout routine, eating plan, morning routine or weekly activities is a good thing because it provides you with structure and you need that if you want to unlock more success, happiness, and fulfillment. Continue to develop routines but also shake up your routines from time to time to stretch yourself.

The 8 words may have negative associations to some people, however, change the way you think about them and you will change your life. These are words that can build you up and not break you down. Implementing them into your life and taking action will help you to tap into experiences and develop yourself personally and professionally.

What are some other words can you think of? Leave a comment.

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