Appreciate the Journey

I was meditating today thinking about my life journey so far and realized that I have traveled a long way. I mean I have physically traveled to different countries, but spiritually, mentally and on a self-awareness level. I realized that I have achieved amazing things in my life. Often people tell me that it’s amazing that I traveled to Brazil or Italy, or Thailand; or that I have my own business, a beautiful and amazing wife, or that I am an author, and I kinda take it in, but not to the extent that I should. I shrug it off and say “yea it is” but I don’t really pause to appreciate my journey and accomplishments.

Please do not take this the wrong way, this is not about bragging, it’s about appreciating my journey and the way to do that is to think it out, write it out or say it out loud. This gives it the full weight it deserves. I grew up in Darkside, (Dartmouth), Nova Scotia, a place most people have never heard about, but it’s special to me because it made me who I am today. I grew up poor in terms of material things, sometimes not enough to eat; but rich in terms of loving, caring, and compassion people around me. Well, the most important people were anyway. I was surrounded by crime, heading down the wrong path and could have easily ended up in jail or dead to put it simply. I have been involved in situations that were very dangerous and could have potentially ended my life, but that didn’t happen because there was a greater plan for me. I have a bigger purpose in life.

I realized that I had a purpose early on in my teenage years, however, it wasn’t articulated as a purpose, it was simply that I wanted to help youth in my community become more than they knew they could be. I worked at the Boys and Girls Club as a coach and mentor, trying to get youth to see that there is more to life then dealing drugs, prostitution, and violence. I know that I have had a positive impact on some of those youth, who are now young adults because they were inspired to let me know. A few of the people who I use to mentor, (including my own brother MJ) have reached out to me over the last few years to tell me that I was a part of their motivation to be a better person, to be more of a positive influence on their kids, partners, and communities; for me it was simply amazing to hear the words that came out of their mouths. They didn’t have to tell me, they weren’t obligated, but to hear someone call me a role model or say I have had even a small part in helping them stay away from living a “street life” really touches my heart. Even as I am typing these words thinking about it, I am getting a bit emotional. I feel the words in my heart because I was them, I was living an unproductive life and I was looking for positive role models to show me a different way. I came through just like they have, but unfortunately others from my community have not, they are either incarcerated or dead, (R.I.P to those friends who have passed on). This is why it means so much to them and to me, we realized life was and is about more than how much money you have, your reputation on the street, or what kind of car you drive. It is about your character, believing that you are SOMEONE special, someone, who has a purpose in life and really taking moments to appreciate where you have been and where you are going.

My mission then and now, continues to be to help as many people, both young and old, realize that they can do more in life. I wrote a book to show people who it doesn’t matter where you start, you can end up wherever you choose. I was told that I had terrible writing skills in school and now I am a published author. I wanted to show people a way to move forward in life. The things that I learned in my journey and in the journeys of those that I have been blessed to mentor and coach are tools that can begin to help anyone to move forward, so I had to share.

I am sharing this because I am being honest with myself, I am appreciating the path that I have traveled, I’m a black kid who grew up in a low-income housing project, Jelly Bean Square, (had to shout out the old neighborhood). Now I am an author, speaker, business owner, and homeowner, I am proud of myself and I am unapologetic when I say it. Do not apologize for your accomplishments, don’t apologize for achieving your goals, DO NOT apologize for letting the world know that you have greatness within you; you have done, and are doing, amazing things in your life. No matter how small they may seem to others, they are huge to you and that’s what matters. Don’t measure your success, your life, your accomplishments against anyone else, they are not you and you are not them. You are unique, different, and awesome just being you. They have not traveled your path, experienced your hardships, challenges and successes. We all get so caught up with our responsibilities in life and in the chase of things that we want or don’t have, we need to focus on what we do have and the journeys that we have traveled.

Appreciate Your Journey.


Danny, Your Mindset Coach

Danny Stone is a Speaker, Mindset Coach and Author of the best-selling book, You Have The Keys, Now Drive. For more than 15 years he has been helping people get more clarity, take massive action, and create the lives they want. He’s helped countless individuals move from the passenger seat to become the drivers of their lives. If you are struggling in your life or business and want more success and happiness, contact Danny to set up your Free Clarity Call.

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