Your Business Type Breakdown

Are you somone who has skills and knowledge? Do you have skills that you have been utilizing for years? Or are you willing to acquire new skills? Do you like to help people or companies solves problems?

Then you should start a consulting business!

As a consultant, you will help individuals, entreprenuers, business owners and companies solves problems and grow their businesses using your expertise. 

Whether you have skills as an IT professional, assistant, social media manager, writer, editor, speaker, event planner, grapbhic designer or any other skills, you can become a consultant contracting out your services to others.

As someone who likes the flexibility and working on different projects, consulting allows you to work with a variety of clients in various types of capacities. If you choose, you can primarily be an online consultant and have location freedom to work from anywhere youhave an internet connection.

Your Consulting Business Strategy

As a consultant you love to solve problems and help individuals and business grow. One of your greatest assets in the wealth of knowledge that you have built up over the years and connecting with others utilizing your skills.

You have to decide on who you want to help and what skills you enjoy the most. Once you make those decisions then have to decide if you want to start your own consulting company as a solo entreprenuer or connect with others or become a freelancer. If you choose to become a freelancer, depending on the skills that you posssess, it is possible that you can register for a freelancer website, apply for gigs and start working as a freelance consultant right away.

You will need to develop a portfolio of your work form the past, projects you have worked on and testimonials from former colleauges or other individuals that you have provides services for in the past.


Hold up....
Wondering who's behind these
business type strategies??


Not too long ago I was right where you may be as you’re reading this. I was stuck in my 9-5 job, frustrated, overworkd, underpaid, and wanting to do something that I loved for a living while making a greater impact in the world.

In the past, I would start a side hustle, get overwhelmed then quit. Or I would have so many business ideas that I didn’t know where to start so I didn’t act on any of those ideas. Once I got clear about what I was passionate about, I found the right idea. I launched my side hustle helping other people find their big ideas and launch their as side hustles. I grew it into a full-time business and haven’t looked back. I have been running my business for over 7 years now!

It was later after investing in myself and various coaching and courses that I realized how to turn my business into multiple six-figure business.

Creating a business mindset allowed me to grow my business and help others launch theirs.

After failing multiple times and learning from those mistakes, I got my mindset right, developed a system, and now I teach it to others. Maybe I can teach it to you.

Sound good?

I got you!

My knowledge, expertise, and my story have completely changed my life.

I’m now a sought after coach, speaker, and teacher for entrepreneurs and business owners. I’ve been fortunate enough to write two best-selling books that are helping people all over the world create the lives they want. On my podcast, I get to bring tools, tips, resources and interviews that help individuals make the leap from their corporate jobs into online businesses.

It’s amazing that I get to work with amazing clients to help them turn their passion into profit.

I developed a new course to help individuals find the right big idea to launch their side hustle or business. In the course, we dig deep and help you niche down to get specific about the right business for you to launch.

You can check it out and subscribe by clicking HERE

A Bit More You Should
Know About Me
  • 15 years of experience as a life, career, and business coach
  • 100’s of people coached
  • 2 best-selling books
  • 7 years running a successful business
  • 22 countries visited
  • 100’s of seminars delivered
  • 1,000s of lives impacted
  • Community Servant (mentor youth)
  • Founer Passion Impact Profit 

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