What You Can Learn From My “Friend” Steve Harvey About Believing

There is a deeper level of understanding to get what you want in life and it is all about connecting with a higher power and raising your level of asking, believing, taking action and receiving what you want in life.

You may know my “friend” Steve Harvey; he’s one of the hardest working people in entertainment. He is a famous comedian and “King of Comedy”, an Emmy award-winning TV talk show host, has his own hit radio show, hosts various entertainment TV shows, has successful books, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Act Like a Success and Think Like a Success and a movie based his book  called Think Like a Man.

What I am telling you is that Steve is VERY successful.

Aside from all of his success, he always gives gifts of wisdom. Whether it is on his radio or TV show he genuinely wants to help people find their gift and live it out loud. That’s why he and I are great “friends”.

At the beginning of every radio show, Steve takes the first 12-15 minutes to his show to give a motivational message. He talks about things he has learned through his struggles, finding God, and finding himself. The messages are always very inspirational, if you want to listen, check out The Steve Harvey Morning Show. I was listening to his radio program a few days ago and he said something that I often say to my clients, friends, and family, whoever will listen.

Steve said there are three things you need in order to find your true gift or mission in life. He said you need, to Ask, Believe, and Receive. He said God or your creator will give you what you want, it might not come when you want it, but it will come IF you increase your level of asking for what you want, believing you will get it and be ready to receive it. He also said that “faith without works is dead”, meaning if you don’t take action you will struggle to get what you want in life.

He is so right.

I tell people the same thing.

Whether you believe in God or any other creator, there are positive things that have happened in your life and continue to happen and you have no idea how you received those blessings or amazing things in your life. Maybe it’s your dream job, or you met the most amazing life partner, or you have amazing kids, or you achieved a major goal you have always wanted to achieve; whatever it is, some things just happen because they happen…so we think.

The truth is if you really want to live your amazing life, you have to

“Raise A.B.A.R”


You have to increase your level of asking God, the universe, your creator or whatever higher power there is for what you want in life. You have to believe, and I mean truly believe you will get it. Next you have to take massive action, not just action but HUGE steps towards what you want, and then finally you have to be ready to receive the gift or blessing when it comes.

Let me break it down like a fraction.


A – Asking.

One thing that very successful people, people who are fulfilled and living on purpose know and do that most of us don’t is that they increase their level of asking the universe or God or whatever you believe in, some higher spiritual power for what they want. They are not shy about being bold and setting their asks very high. If you want to find your gift or purpose or you have BIG goals in your life, you have to increase your level and frequency of asking. You have to ask every day, you have to continue to “put it out there” and let the universe or God respond. Just like anything else in life, you have to ask for what you want and if you ask enough and do the other things that need to be done, you will get it.


B – Believing.

Why ask for something if you don’t believe you will receive it! Let’s be honest, we all have BIG wants in life and we truly do have major goals that we want to accomplish but we don’t commit. We don’t really believe we will get what we ask for. If you want to truly find your mission, your purpose, your gift in life then you have to BELIEVE you will. You have to know it will come to you. That is difficult to do when you only believe in your own abilities, but when you deepen your spiritual connection, when you have a belief in something greater than you, anything is possible.

Think about your life 5 years ago, where we you then? What was going on in your life? Even if you are going through a difficult time right now, it could be much worse. Why isn’t it worse? Because you are not alone, there are forces greater than yourself working to show you something bigger and greater for your life. Believe what you want will come.


A – Action.

Many people think they will get what they want by simply asking and believing, not true. The biggest problem with the book and movie “The Secret” is that if failed to mention that you have to take MASSIVE action. I know what you may be thinking, “what actions can I take when I don’t even know where I am going or how to get there?” Yup, I use to think the same thing. However, like a great explorer, You have to be curious.

I say this all the time.

To get to an end destination of “Your Amazing Life” you have to have the

“Discipline to Follow Your Curiosity”


What does that mean?

It means that you don’t have to know where you are going in life. You don’t have to know your mission or purpose; it means that you have to walk towards your curiosity. Be willing to do something different. Be willing to explore new opportunities, people, places, because that is where you will find your true gift. You often receive small hints to try something or do something different but too many times you ignore those signals. The thing is they are messages that are trying to lead you to where you have to go. It’s important to do something every day, if you believe in God then read the bible or go to church, you can meditate, you can learn more about something you are curious about, find mentors, study, read books, connect with others, do something regularly and your asks will be answered.


R – Receiving.

This one sounds so simple, yet many people miss this. How can it be so difficult to receive a gift or blessings when it comes your way when you have been asking for it? Well, for a number of reasons.

#1 it may not come the way you expect it to come. Sometimes we have in our minds the way that we expect things to happen in our lives and they don’t happen the way we plan. So we ignore the gift when it comes because it doesn’t look like we expected. An example might be you are looking for the right man or woman in your life and you expect them to look, speak, and act a certain way. You may encounter the person you are meant to be with but you think that they are not what you ordered and you overlook them, meanwhile that person may have been sent to you and is the person you are meant to be with. Think about it.

#2  Your blessing or gift may not come when YOU want it to come. You may have been asking for something major in your life to happen and it hasn’t happened when you thought it was going to happen so you write it off like it is never going to happen. DON’T GIVE UP! You see, things don’t always happen when we want them to happen, they happen when they are suppose to happen. They happen when you are ready to accept them. You may think you are ready, you may think that you need or want what you need or want right now, but there are greater powers working for you and who know when you should receive your gift.

#3 You may not be ready to receive your blessing or gift because you are distracted with other challenges, people or problems. You have many responsibilities in your life and sometimes they can distract you from the fact that what you want is right in front of you, you just have to receive it.


Putting it All Together

Your life is a journey and appreciating that journey is living. Whether things that happen are good or bad along the way, it all serves a purpose for you. Make a real commitment to living a full life, increase your levels of ASKING for what you want, BELIEVE it will come, take massive ACTION, and be ready to RECEIVE it when it comes.

Things will open up for you that you haven’t even imagined possible.

Here’s to “Raising A.B.A.R”

I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts


Danny, Your Mindset Coach

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  1. Danny! This is such an awesome post! Love the ‘discipline to follow your curiosity’. Gold! Sometimes following certain opportunities, even though you don’t think are worthwhile, can lead to discovering something that can completely change your life and help you to find your purpose. Being curious is all part of the journey to discovering who you are. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I like the point you made about following your curiosity. It can lead you to so many amazing places, your life purpose, your life partner, and things you haven’t even dreamed of for your life. It all begins with raising your level of asking, believing, taking massive action, and receiving the blessings and gifts that come your way.

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