Ep. 101: Do ONE Great Thing First

As entrepreneurs, business owners, or side hustlers so many people get distracted by shiny things. We see people on social media doing many things or we have friends or family members who claim to make money doing different things and we stray away from our original focus and start doing many things. The problem with this is, that most people never become very successful at one thing, many of their businesses go under, and they burn themselves out because they cannot do it all.


It is important to do ONE thing great FIRST before trying to start multiple businesses or develop various business streams. Highly successful people usually do one thing great then leverage their skills, knowledge, experience, talent, and relationships to create even more successful businesses. If you think about Michael Jordan, Rihanna, Elon Musk, or Oprah, they all became billionaires! Why? Because they got great at ONE THING then used that one thing to start SOMETHING ELSE that made them billionaires.

In this episode Coach Danny Stone breaks down the importance of doing one thing great.

H talks about:

  1. Why do people get distracted in their businesses
  2. The importance of staying focused on ONE thing in your business
  3. How to leverage your expertise and work ethic in one area of your business to another stream of income or business idea
  4. How Billionaires like Michael Jordan, Rihanna, Elon Musk and Oprah leveraged the power of mastering ONE thing to become wealthy and how you can too
  5. Why you need to position yourself as an expert to have a successful business



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