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How to Find the Right Online Business Idea

So many individuals dream of starting their own business. They dream about being their own boss. The day you can walk into your bosses office and tell them that you are quitting to start your own business is what so many people dream about.

But how?

Maybe you have seen people quit their stressful, frustrating job to do what they love for a living. If you are like I was you probably thought “Wow they are one of the lucky ones that get to do what they love for a living”

Sound familiar?

I use to sit at my desk at my corporate job wishing I could just quit and start my own business. I was tired of begging for vacation time off. I was fed up with the constant change in priorities. I was done with not getting compensated for what I was worth.

I finally decided to make the leap and start my online business helping other soon-to-be entrepreneurs start their online businesses.

After coaching people for many years, running several online businesses, and studying highly successful people, I learned these 5 tips that will help you find your big business idea.

Before you can launch your business you must find the right idea for you. You have to find an idea that you are interested in and put energy behind because if you don’t you will end up launching business after business and not having the success that you deserve because you are not clear about what you want to do.

Here is how to find your big business idea

1. Sit down and make a list of your skills, talents, and knowledge. If you want to really find your idea to launch your business, it starts with honing in on the skills that you already have. What are you talented at? What do people say that you do really well? What are the skills that you use in your job or in school daily? Uncovering these will be the foundation for the types of business that you can potentially launch.

2. Find your passions and curiosities. Ask yourself, “what am I passionate about?” and “What am I curious about right now?” When you are passionate or curious about something you learn as much as you can, you put energy behind it, and you explore it. This is a great starting place for finding your big business idea. When you connect your passions and curiosities with your skills and talents, you will find an idea that is the right one for you.

3. Link your skills and talents to your passions and curiosities. When you look at highly successful business owners they all have something in common; besides making lots of money…Many of them have married their skills and talents with something they were extremely passionate or curious about. The best business ideas come where the two meet. Think about it for yourself. Is there a point that you can connect your skills with your passions? Probably! I meant I have heard of people starting all types of online businesses, a course teaching pet owners how to do doggy yoga. An online business where a guy just draws pictures of cats then he sells people the photos to put on clothes, mugs, pictures, etc. There are so many random online businesses out there, the possibilities are limitless for you.

4. Look around and see if anyone else is doing something similar. Put on your private investigator hat and spy on your potential competitors. Think about the ideas that you have to launch your business and see who else is doing something similar. Sometimes you can get an indication if this is a viable business idea or not.

5. Once you have a few ideas, think about them. Which idea do you connect with the most? Think about the idea that you would love to explore, the idea that stands out from the rest. Is it something you think you could pursue for the next 3 to 6 months? if so, maybe that’s the idea that you go with.

Choosing the right business idea can be challenging. Either you are struggling to find the one idea and don’t have any in mind, or you have too many and you’re not sure which is the right one. Too many people jump on ideas because they are “hot” or because their friends or family members have made money doing something. Or maybe they have attended a webinar, or they are on a mailing list and the person’s list they are on tells them to jump on a certain business idea.

The best approach is to find an online business idea that you have a connection with. Something that utilized your skills and talents and something you are passionate or curious about. From there, you can determine the type of business and what problem you want to solve.

For now, focus on you. Think about the skills that you have the can address a specific problem, that’s a great place to start.

Your skills and talents are needed. You can make a bigger impact on the world doing something you love and solve other people’s problems at the same time.

DO you have anything to add? 

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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