Four Things You Can Learn From Underdogs


It’s basketball playoff time for the NBA (National Basketball Association) with the greatest players in the world competing for the championship. Since my home team, the Toronto Raptors are in the final four, and are considered underdogs and not favored to win, I decided to write an article about what we can all learn from underdogs regardless of their degree of success.

By the way, the Toronto Raptors are having their best basketball season in their franchise history, they have never made it to the final four until this year.

First, what is an underdog?

According to “The Google”

Underdog: a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.


Many people like to root for the underdog. Why? Because we like stories of perseverance and triumph. We like the David versus Goliath stories, stories when “the little” guy takes on “the big guy” and wins. We love to see underdogs succeed because it gives us hope for our own lives. It lets us know that our impossible is possible.

We can learn a lot from underdogs, however, I came up with four things that we can learn and implement into our lives to move us closer to achieve our major goals and living a more full life.


Here are 4 things you can learn from underdogs

Believe in Yourself When Others Don’t

Underdogs have to believe in themselves when the odds and others are against them. They must have the confidence to know they have the ability to achieve their goals. Whether they are successful in winning or not, they often attempt to do the impossible


Have a Great Supportive Team

When the odds are against them, underdogs have nothing but each other (and fans) for support and encouragement. Having a supportive team to count on when the game is on the line is critical to even attempt to become successful. Do you have a support team? Do you have people you can count on to help lift you up and provide you with guidance and encouragement in your life? Seek out family, friends, co-workers, mentors, and coaches to give you the support you need.


Don’t Quit

In most stories of the underdogs winning the big game, the story is often told that during the difficult times during the game the team had to dig deep and play through the challenges. They never gave up. You need to have the same mentality if you want to live a more full life. When times are tough you have to keep going. There may be times when you want to quit a goal you set because other things get in the way, pause, think it through, and find another way. You are resourceful and resilient, never give up on a major goal that you have because you have encountered problems. Re-adjust your plan, explore other options and keep going, you will win!


Appreciate the Journey

I have said this before and I say it often to coaching clients, and it is true of what we can learn from underdogs; appreciate the journey. Win or lose, underdogs reflect on the journey and learn from their experiences. They use what they have learned in the future to help them with future success. The same should be considered by you. Appreciate your life journey, good and bad experiences.


Whether you consider yourself an underdog or someone who is favored to succeed in life, there is something to be learned from those thought to have little or no chance of success. You are the driver of your life, don’t be a passenger. Believe that you can achieve your major goals and live a meaningful life, connect with people who support you, never quit, and appreciate and learn from your life experiences, both good and bad.


Danny, Your Mindset Coach

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