learn a step-by-step system to get everything you ever dreamed of faster than you ever thought possible!

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With Results Like This:

"wrote a book in 90 days"

"Started a photography business in 5 day

"quit a job and launched my dream business 62 days"

It's No Wonder Why Myself And My Clients Continue to Use this System to Do Get Things Done We Never Imagined!


Doesn't it seem like there are SO MANY THINGS TO think about when you are trying to figure out how to up-level your life or your business?
But if you’re like most people I talk to who want more out of life but don’t know how to get it, chances are you…
And if I am being really honest, (which I am), you want to create a better life for yourself but you’re afraid of chasing what you want and failing short and you’re afraid of failing and having people say “I told you so!”

Oh man, have I been there, or have I been there! 

If you’re new to me… Coach Stone is in the building! 

I had to say it, it’s my signature intro known around the world.

Seriously though, my name is Danny Stone, many people call me Coach Stone and I help people shift their mindset, make a plan, and get things done that they never thought were possible!

I’ve been coaching people for more than 15 years helping them to up-level their careers, businesses and their lives.

And while this all sounds cool, achieving my own personal goals wasn’t always so easy.

See in 2014 I was managing training and coaching people in a corporate environment and though I liked helping people, I didn’t like the work environment. There was lots of people on sick leaving, quitting, and stressed out, it was not a good environment to work in. I was stressed, overworked and overweight. Something needed to change!

That’s when I decided I wanted out of that job. I knew I had a bigger mission to help people find their inner champion and create their dream lifestyles and businesses.

I made a plan, took massive action and within 6 months I wrote my first book and got it published AND I started a side hustle. I soon after quit my job and started my coaching and speaking business. I realized the power of having the right mind, plan and taking massive action.

By 2016 I had made more money in my business than I did in my job.

And I had already reached hundreds of people through speaking, coaching and teaching my courses to help them do achieve their massive goals. 

But the truth is…It took me awhile to finally understand that I deserved more and that I could achieve more in my life. I had to change my mindset THEN do some things I had NEVER DONE to get the things I NEVER HAD – and I want to share this with you in the GET iT Done System.

Here’s the truth, friend: If you’re going to FINALLY get those goals done, then you’re going to have to get real about, well…Your goals!

It doesn’t matter how many systems or programs you have tried in the past. If you don’t have the right mindset and a step-by-step system that you can use over and over again to accomplish ANY goal, you will NEVER achieve your goals consistently.
Successful people, goal-getters, people who consistently achieve massive goals and create their dream lifestyle aren’t working on their goals 24-7, they are living life!
And that exactly what the GET iT DONE system is going to show you how to do. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about if you’re not clear about what you want, focused on why you want it and have the right plan that actually works, your will continue to fall short when it comes to accomplishing your goals.
Take it from me, I have tried so many different goal plans, pieced together so many hacks on mindset, goals, and success but nothing worked until I got clarity, focus and the right plan. Once you get these three things in place you will start to achieve your MAJOR goals faster than you ever imagined and you can start creating the life and business you have always dreamed of.
That’s exactly why I created the GET iT DONE System!


Here’s what you’re getting inside the program:

  • 5-step system providing you step-by-step training and coaching showing you EXACTLY how to get clear about what you want, make your personal plan and take massive action

  • Fillable / Printable worksheets to keep you organized and focused on every step of the process

  • 3 Secrets that almost no one knows about how to really achieve your goals faster

  • Your personalized daily action plan so you know exactly what tasks you need to do everyday


You can trust me to get it done with you, just like some of my students:


"I learned to to more disciplined with my objectives. It was great to finally start my photography business! In 5 days I created my business cards and started selling my photos online. This made me more motivated to go after more of my goals. Thank you, you're a great coach."

- Felipe, Photographer / Entrepreneur


I always loved to read books. I would read all types of books and for years I thought about writing my own book, but I would make excuses instead. One day Danny sat me down and told me I was writing a book and he showed me a system to make my dream a reality with this step-by-step system. I got the book done in just over 90 days and my book is now being read by people all over the world. Since he showed me the GET iT DONE System, I have achieved so many other major goals, started my own business, started a podcast, a regular guest expert on a national tv program and so many more.

- Trudy, Author / TV Guest Expert / Podcaster


6 weeks of on demand training and coaching to take you from “What the heck do I do first” to getting your goals done faster than you thought was possible. ($3999 Value)

Login to the online system and start learning when it’s convenient for you!

When you start today you will have immediate access to all 6 weeks teaching you a step-by-step system to accomplish your goals.

You get to-the-point video lessons with fillable worksheets, and additional resources.

I’ve taken everything I have learned about success, goals and mindset and put it in this course to shorten your learning curve and teach you how to get things done super fast.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they set out to to achieve their goals is that they don’t understand WHY most people fail, make time to prepare to take action and really do the foundational things they need to do to set themselves up for success.
Not YOU!

On Day 1, we’re going to get crystal clear on exactly WHY you’re creating this business — and what values you should be keeping in mind when you structure your biz. We do the work up front to start to set you up for success by understanding how to begin thinking different about what's possible.

In order to achieve something you have never been able to achieve you have to shift your mindset. You have to learn to think differently. You have to go form thinking your goals and dreams are impossible to possible. We’re going to get crystal clear on your WHAT and WHY for your goals.

We start to help you shit from a fixed mindset, a mindset of disbelief about what's possible in your life to a growth mindset, a mindset of expanding what you know is possible. There is where you unlearn some of the beliefs, actions and behaviours that you have learned over the years that have been holding you back - to new powerful habits, beliefs and actions. Once you make this shift, it will be so much easier to not only dream bigger, but achieve bigger dreams than even you imagined!

This is the secret weapon to how you really find your personal blueprint to not only get your goals done, but get them done faster than you ever thought possible. This is one of the biggest secrets that most people don't know that successful people understand.

This pattern looks at your past successes and pulls out the actions, habits, mindset and tasks that have made you successful in the past and use them for your present and future goals. Once you have your success plan, you can repeat it over and over for your present and future goals and it will increase your likelihood of getting what you want.

One of the things most people DON’T know that is holding them back from creating their dream life or business is that they have a failure pattern. They have a set of actions, mindset, and beliefs that have stopped them from getting what they want. And it will continue to hold them back until they identify it.

That’s what we do in week four. We identify your personal failure pattern so that we can avoid the patterns for your present and future goals. Think about it, there are definitely consistent reasons that stop you from achieving your major goals. Once you know what they are you can see them before they arise again and manoeuvre past them to cross the finish line and get what you want in your life.

You need the RIGHT goal plan. You need a personal plan that is for YOU and that will take your big dream and break it down into small, actionable, daily tasks so you know what you should be working on everyday. This is unlike any other plan you have ever utilized before because it is YOUR personal plan.

This address some of the biggest flaws with most goals plans, they don't help you decide which goals to work on right now. Other goal plans don't help you focus on how your goals are interconnected with your life and the life you are trying to create. We dive into that to help you get clear about what you REALLY want and why it is a MUST.

Your plans also gives you a day-by-day plan so you know what you need to get done each day to get closer and closer to achieve your major goals.

This is where you really get to work. You will learn something that highly successful companies know that keep their employees, focused on the bigger mission and make sure they are doing the right things to make the company successful. Once you learn this it will change the way you work towards your goals.

You take consistent action for 90 days taking action everyday. You will work your plan and take massive action. You will also get tools and resources to help you with procrastination and to get back on track when you fall off track.

To help keep you on track you will get coaching on how to find the right accountability partner to encourage you to see your goals through.Those goals you have been thinking about for years or haven't been able to achieve, you will make significant progress on, or even achieve in 90 days!

Get the step-by-step training to accomplish your big dreams for just $97!

When you enrol in the GET iT DONE course, you'll get...
  • 6 weeks of on-demand training teaching you a step-by-step system to achieve ANY of your major goals ($997 value)

  • Fill-in-the-Blank Worksheets So You Know Exactly WHAT actions to take and the most effective order to do each task ($197 value)

  • Access to a Facebook Group where you get priority on getting your questions answered to help you push through challenges on your journey to achieve your major goals. ($399 Value)

  • Lifetime Access to the training recordings and all updates so you can revisit whenever you need to dive back into the step-by-step goal-achievement strategy ($1999 Value)

Snag $3,592 in value…



"He provided me with the blueprint to create the life I imagine"

"Danny brings the energy, desire and the push you need to take action and take control of your life! He provided so much value to my life and has essentially provided me with the Blueprint to create the life I imagine. I would highly recommend Coach Stone to working professionals, students and anyone who is seeking personal growth and development. Thank you Coach Danny!”

- Ty, College Student Support Worker

In CASE There's Anything I Missed, Here are SoME Commonly Asked Questions!

Hi, I’m Danny AKA Coach Stone
— Your GET iT DONE Coach

I have been coaching, speaking and teaching people for more than 15 years
( I know I look young ha-ha), helping thousands of individuals up level their careers, businesses, and lives.

But had you told me back in 2014 that I would have quit my job, written to best-selling books, launched a speaking and coaching business, and been helping people transform their lives around the world…I wouldn’t have believed you. Because I felt SO LOST in my life and I didn’t know what to do to change it!

But in the last 3 years, that is really when I have been able to achieve most of my dreams that I never thought were possible - and I have been showing others how they can do the same.

I am so excited to share my experiences with you to teach you how to live your dreams and get what you want in life! [Let’s do this!]


GET iT DONE SYSTEM by Danny Stone. All Rights Reserved 2021