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How to Achieve Your Goals Faster

How to Achieve Your Goals Faster

3 Strategies to Achieve your goals That You Probably Don’t Know

Why are some people are to achieve their impossible goals, to live incredible lives, to do things that no one ever thought was possible and most people struggle to even figure out what they really want?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people are able to utilize their time and maximize their efforts doing the things that build their dream life. It’s not just about having goals, it’s not just about making a plan or taking action…It’s about honing in on 3 key things that lead to massive success.

Years ago when I felt stuck in my corporate job, stressed, overwhelmed and under-appreciated, I wanted out, but I didn’t know how. My job was negatively affecting my health, my relationships, my self-esteem, and so much more. I needed a way out but I couldn’t figure it out. I wanted more out of life, but I didn’t know where to start.

That’s when I started to explore goal-setting. I tried some popular goal-setting methods like SMART Goals and Goal Pyramid and others. Though I did have some success with various goal-setting methods, I felt that they were all missing something, they fell short and didn’t provide the necessary pieces to achieve my goals, and achieve them at a faster pace.

It lead me to diving deeper into goal-setting and goal-achievement and that’s when I began to investigate highly successful people and what they do to achieve their impossible goals and live their dreams.

I learned that they have powerful morning rituals and very simple, yet powerful strategies to crush their goals faster than they ever though possible. I developed a 3-part strategy to help you get clear about what you really want, take massive action, and make it happen.

Let me break it down for you.

The 3-part strategy is this:

1. Success Pattern

2. Failure Pattern

3. 90-Day WIN Plan


Step 1 – Success Pattern

  • Success plan: the mindset, activities, beliefs, habits, that have helped you achieve your goals in the past.
  • Think of 2 huge goals you achieve in the past. Goals that took a lot of effort, maybe you didn’t even think they were possible at first
  • When you think about them why you were able to achieve your goals in the past, what were some of the things you did that helped you achieve them? (plan, daily action, strong desire maybe it a must, people, habits?)
  • When you look at why you were successful, there is a pattern
  • When you recognize that pattern you can recreate the success pattern and use if for your current and future goals
  • You accelerate success because you focus on the things that have worked in the past
  • Take what’s worked in the past and implement it into your goal strategy right now


Step 2 – Failure Pattern

  • Failure Pattern: the mindset, activities, beliefs, habits, that have held you back achieving your goals in the past.
  • Think of 2 huge goals in the past that you failed at, 2 things that you were not successful in achieving
  • Why were you not able to achieve those two goals? (other people, not enough action, mindset, habits held you back)
  • Once you recognize failure patterns, you can avoid them in your current and future goals
  • Most people never think about these things in details so they continue to make the same mistakes over and over with their goals and dreams
  • Avoid the things that continue to hold you back so you don’t continue to let them keep you from achieving the things you really want in your life


Step 3 – 90-day WIN Plan


Now that you have your success and failure plans you can work on your 90-day winning plan. W-I-N stands for What & Why, Initiate, Nonstop evaluating.

What – Get clear about what you want in your life. What does success and happiness look like in all areas of your life. What does it look like in your relationships, finances, health and wellness, personal growth, spiritually, emotionally, whatever areas of your life are important to you.

Set a vision for your life and what your future looks like.

Why is these things so important to you? Know why you want the things you want. How will they improve your life?


Initiate – Map out the HOW, List out all of the tasks you can do to make it happen, make milestones, 30 day mini goals you will achieve to get to the final 90-day goal. Monitor your goals daily, weekly and every 30 days to evaluate where you are and what adjustments need to be made. The key to success is accountability! The highest level of accountability is hiring a coach, however you can find a mentor or friends, a family member or co-worker that you trust and you know will hold you to doing what you say you will do.

Here’s a quick list of HOW you achieve your goals faster

  • Daily actions
  • Daily check ins
  • Check things off as you achieve them
  • Weekly summary
  • 30 day milestones
  • Accountability

Once you have mapped out your how, now it’s time to get into action and containing to re-evaluate, adjust and eliminate things that are not helping you get towards your goals.


Nonstop Evaluating. Highly successful people are always evaluating their goals, their relationships, their mindset and where they are in their lives. Even when it is difficult or when they fail, they learn from their mistakes and use them as fuel for the current and future goals.

You need to do the same. Get real with yourself and figure out where you are with your goals, what’s working and what’s not working then make adjustments. If you have a dream, it’s worth fighting for, not give up, just re-adjust and figure out others ways to make it possible.

There’s nothing more special about someone who is living they life they want than you. The only difference is that they are clear about what they want, they learned from their successes and failures, and they have a winning plan.

Your dreams are worth it. You deserve to live the life you want. Don’t quit on your goals and dreams. Instead, get clear, get focused, and get into action.

There’s something special about you, find out what it is, and live it out loud.


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