Let the New Year’s Resolutions Begin…Promise or Commitment?

It’s Time to Ignite Your New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year!

January 1st is a very important date. It represents a fresh start, an opportunity to restart, refresh and wipe the slate clean.

2016 is your year!

This is the year that you can attract whatever you want. It is the year to set BIG, BOLD goals.

This is the year that you put all of the things that have been holding you back from your amazing life behind you and move toward living the life you want.

This year is the year to,

“Change your language, change your mindset, and change your life”


Change what you say to yourself; replace the negative language with positive language.

Change what you believe is possible for you. Believe that you can attract and achieve what you want in 2016.

Take action and you will change your life.

I’m not going to lie, it won’t be easy, but I know you can achieve your BIG, BOLD, goals if you make the commitment.

Now is the time to reset your thinking about what’s possible for you.

Now is the time to dedicate yourself to attracting what you want.

Today is the day that you decide that 2016 will be the best year ever.

Many people ask me about my new year’s resolutions and I often say I don’t have any.

When they ask why not, I tell them that I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions.

Not to say you cannot, but let me tell you why I don’t believe in them.

I just don’t believe in the idea of waiting to January 1st do take action on a major goal.

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a New Year’s resolution is something like…


“A tradition in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement such as working out and eating healthy.”

I like the fact that it talks about self-improvement, but there are a few things I don’t like about the idea of New Year’s resolutions.

#1 I don’t like the idea of making a promise to yourself.

I prefer the word commitment.

Think about those two words right now and let me know which one seems more actionable; promise or commitment?

To me, the word commitment means all in.

Are you giving yourself a “promise ring” for the New Year?

You know what I mean.

When someone gives their boyfriend or girlfriend a promise ring, it is the promise that they will get married one day.


Are you making a commitment to yourself?

Are you giving yourself the “wedding ring”…the commitment to make 2016 the best year ever?

Are you married to taking action and making 2016 all that you want it to be?

Only you can decide if you are making a promise or commitment.


#2 I don’t like the idea of waiting until January 1st to begin to take action on things that you want to achieve that are important right now.

I like the idea of a fresh start and clean slate; I think it is good to recognize we have put another year behind us whether it was good or bad, New Year’s Day is an opportunity to make the New Year even better.

But, I don’t like the idea of waiting for milestones to take massive action on your major goals.

I’ve often heard people say things like, “when I turn 30 I am going to do…”

Or, “After Thanksgiving, I am going to…”

Or “I’m going to start exercising starting next month”

I’ve said things like that myself in the past.

I would wait until my birthday, the first of the month, after a holiday, or when I quit my job to start doing something towards a major goal.

Of course most of the time it never really happened, because I wasn’t as committed as I should have been.

It wasn’t until I changed my mindset around waiting for a special day to take action that I began to rapidly achieve my goals.

Make any day your January 1st.

Make your New Year’s Resolutions on any of the 365 days within the year.

Don’t make a promise.

Make a commitment.

There is always one thing that you can do that day to get you closer to what you want in 2016 and beyond.

Here are 3 Ways to Commit and Take Massive Action on Your Big, Bold Goals

1. Write down your goals, sign your name to them, and post them where you can see them every day. This is no secret, we often associate writing things down with commitment and when we sign our signature it means we are making a contract. Make a contract with yourself to take massive action on your major goals for 2016. Then post them where you can see them every day!


2. Do one thing towards your goals every day. It’s great to set big, bold goals, but they won’t be accomplished if you don’t take action. Do one small tasks towards your goals every day. You can research, find mentors, take a course, find resources, network, meditate, read a book, watch videos, and so many other things. Commit to doing some task towards your major goals on a daily basis.


3. Get a coach! The biggest commitment you can make to accomplish your resolutions is getting a coach. A coach is not your best friend, they are not your cheerleader (all the time), they are someone who challenges you, gets you to think differently, and take action. Great coaches know how to bring out the best of you; they know how to work with you to help you make your resolutions ring true. I’ve had various coaches in my life and they have helped me accomplish my big, bold goals and ones I didn’t even know I had.

I want to help you make 2016 the best year ever.

I want to be Your Success Mindset, helping you navigate your way to more success, happiness, love, and fulfillment.


Danny, Your Mindset Coach

Danny Stone is a Speaker, Mindset Coach and Author of the best-selling book, You Have The Keys, Now Drive. For more than 15 years he has been helping people get more clarity, take massive action, and create the lives they want. He’s helped countless individuals move from the passenger seat to become the drivers of their lives. If you are struggling in your life or business and want more success and happiness, contact Danny to set up your Free Clarity Call.

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