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Last year I attended a mega-conference with the top motivational and personal development coaches and speakers in the world. The line up was Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, and Tony Robbins and a few other speakers, but I think the names I just mentioned are the heavy hitters. It was an awesome, action-packed day full of inspiration, information and personal development tips. It is difficult to summarize all of what I learned, but I gave a few highlights here.


Les Brown

Les Brown kicked off the conference, the guy is polished, smooth, and funny. He definitely knows how to resonate with and connect to the audience. One of his key messages was that we all need to learn to tell our stories. He said,

“Your story is worth telling, your story has value, learn to tell your story”


Les says that telling your story helps you to appreciate your journey and learn from your past, but he also said that there are thousands of people who NEED to hear your story. Other people will benefit from you sharing your life story, lessons, challenges, and triumphs.

I agree. I grew up in a low-income housing project surrounded by drugs and crime, at a young age I became a mentor in my community and I realized that people wanted to know my story. As I got older I would tell people about my life lessons, struggles, and successes, and they would thank me for sharing or get “ah ha” moments for themselves. That lead me to write my book, You Have the Keys, Now Drive where I share 10 steps to get unstuck and unlock more happiness and success. The book has reached 9 countries and I get messages from readers from different countries thanking me for sharing my story and my personal development lessons.

Learn to tell your story, there are people who need to hear it. This is one of many messages Les delivered that resonated with myself and so many others in the audience.



Dr. Barbara DeAngelis

Dr. DeAngelis is a soul-searching guru. She helps people tap into their inner souls to discover their inner voice. One of her main messages was,

“You need to make a soul shift, make a transformation from deep within, something that changes you at your core”

Dr. Angelis says we need to make a deep spiritual soul shift. She says that we need to make an inward shift to get what we want on the outside. She says to make the shift you need to remove the negative self-talk and replace it with positive energy. Don’t waste energy on negativity, project your energy towards positive thoughts and actions and your life will open up. You will begin to attract what you want, the universe will provide for you. She says you need to make a deep spiritual connection


Dr. DeAngelis is right on. We all need to check our souls. We need to look deep within ourselves to understand who we truly are and the gifts that we have to offer. We need to be kinder to ourselves and eliminate the harmful negative language and replace it with positive language and energy. I say we need to learn to find a passion, turn it into profit and make a greater impact,  we need to conquer our negative self-talk and fears and tap into who we are meant to become and so what we are meant to do in this world.


Bob Proctor

Bob is a legend in the personal development space. He is cool, calm, and collected on stage, he spoke with conviction and assurance and made the audience feel like he is you and you are him. He is quick-witted, funny, with sharp commentary and knows how to work the stage.

The biggest message that lit me up was regarding changing your paradigm. Bob said,

“You can have anything you want if you change your paradigm”

He said if you change your paradigm you will change your life. Change your subconscious habits and you will tap into amazing potential and success. He said that we all have to re-program our subconscious mind to think from a success perspective. We need to operate from a success perspective, we need to act from a standpoint that we are living our goals and dreams and our subconscious mind will shift and cause us to take action without knowing it.

Bob says that our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is a reality and imagined, so if we feed our subconscious mind positive energy and success we are bound to attract that. We do that by changing our paradigm which is essentially our habits. If we change our habits, we will change our lives. I know this is true, I transformed my life from growing up in a low-income housing project to an Author, Speaker, Business Owner, Success Coach, and College Teacher.

This is true for you. Change your habits and you will change your life.


Tony Robbins

I’m sure you have heard about Tony Robbins or seen a clip of him lighting up audiences around the world. He is super high energy, sometimes blunt, funny, and direct. But one thing that his clients would agree, he helps them get the results they are seeking. He has worked with top athletes, actors, business people, average people and even presidents to help them unlock more success and fulfillment.

One of the best moments for me during the conference that I attended was when Tony turned to a group of V.I.P ticket holders and said,

“why aren’t any of you taking notes? Why would you come to a conference like this and not bring a notepad or taking any notes? You have the greatest motivational speakers in the world and you are not making notes. Are you here to feel good about attending the conference or do you want to walk away with a life-changing experience?” 

He went on to say that he has heard Les Brown and Bob Proctor speak many times and he always learns from them, he always makes notes. For me that was eye-opening. For him to say he is a student and continues to learn and grow from other person development gurus was very interesting.

Tony, had TONS of valuable personal development nuggets, but one thing he said that really struck me was…

“Success without fulfillment is failure”

I thought this was very interesting. Think about it. There are many successful people in this world, however they choose to definite it for themselves, but the question is are they truly happy? Are they fulfilled? Many people are great at achieving goals, they are great at getting what they want in life, the question is why do they chase goal after goal? What is the “why?” This is something we all have to ask ourselves, “Why do I want what I want?” What gifts do you have that the world needs? Think about it when you are chasing your goals and dreams.

I truly believe this..

There’s something special about you, find out what it is and live it out loud!


Let me know your thoughts on this post. Leave a comment below and let me know if I am missing anything.

I want to hear from you.


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