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I recently gave a talk to a group of professionals in the Finance and Technology industry, the topic was Living Your Legacy. It’s a topic that isn’t discussed often, however, I thought it is an area of interest that lingers in the back of the minds of most people.

When you look up the definition of legacy there are typically two definitions, one is something like “a  gift of property or money left in a will” the other definition is “anything handed down from the past from an ancestor to a predecessor.” The definition I like to use is  ” the teaching, learning, and/or contributions that are passed on to family, friends, community, and society, the impact that one has on others either while living or when they die.” I think that definition is more encompassing of what most people think about when they think of legacy and the impact that our heroes have made on society.

Most people don’t think about their legacy until they are close to the end…the end of their job, the end of their careers; retirement, or the end of their lives; death. To me, it’s too late to think about your legacy at the end, especially the end of your life. We are living our legacy right now, we are all making an impact on those around us every day, however, we are not as conscious about it as we should be. I believe that most of us have to make a concerted effort to understand our life purpose and the contributions that we intend to make in our families and our communities. When you understand why you do what you do every day, when you have a bigger picture of your contributions at work or in your personal life, it gives you perspective. It helps you understand why you go through the life challenges that you go through, you are able to put the challenges and struggles into a bigger purpose. We are all here on earth to help others, to teach, to have connections with others, to serve and make the lives of those around us and far from us better. Living your legacy means that you are aware of your contributions and your own


Here are six simple things you can do to live your legacy.


6 Things You Can Do To Live Your Legacy Right Now

1. Think about the impact you are making and want to make. Too often we don’t think about the impact that we want to make until later on in our lives and even then, we are not clear. Think about the type of legacy you want to create, how you can serve others and what you want to leave behind for your family and community. Every day you wake up is another day that you are creating your legacy, be conscious of how you treat people you encounter daily.

2. Write it down, see it, work towards it. Write down the impact that you want to create. Maybe you want to create community programs or leave assets behind for your family, or simply commit to daily positive impacts on the lives of others. Successful people write down their legacy they want to leave behind when they are gone.

3. V.I.P. Values in Passion and Purpose. Live your values, play to your passions, find your purpose. Staying connected to your values passions, and purpose can be very difficult for many reasons. Usually, because various challenges arise, or you lose your way because you become influenced by others, or you just lose focus and begin to prioritize things that are not connected to your values. If you are building your legacy you need to focus on your values, passion, and purpose and only make decisions that help you to move those things forward. 

4. Goals, dreams, vision boards. Write down your goals and do something everyday. Acknowledge that dreams can become reality if you believe, use vision boards and images. You know this already, however it is a great reminder, especially when you are thinking about your legacy. Write down your goal and dreams! Having ideas, goals, and dreams locked in the back of your mind usually doesn’t lead to action. And if you are on a bigger mission to help others and create a lasting legacy, you need to get organized to make sure you crush your goals and dreams.

5. Time Out. Meditate and take time to clear your mind. As little as 5 minutes a day. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. Society often yells at us to take care of our physical health, however, we are not hearing as much about our mental health. Meditation helps you to get clarity, reduce stress, and get focused on your big dreams. Take some time to meditate every day. You can either meditate on your own or search for free meditation apps and videos online. 

6. Giving back. Community involvement. Today is the day to give back to your community. Don’t put it off until…Don’t wait until you have a certain dollar amount in your bank account. Don’t wait until you have a specific job title. Don’t wait until you have material things…give back to your community now!


“Stop thinking in black and white, start living in colour” –Danny Stone


Danny, Your Mindset Coach

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