Student Success Series

The student success series is designed to help college and university students overcome stress, anxiety, and overwhelm so that they can accomplish their goal of graduating and launching their careers.



College students are under tremendous stress and pressure trying to navigate this new way of learning and the changing landscape of the world over the last few years.

More than ever, they overwhelmed, anxious, and maybe even depressed. This leads to challenges in their studies and their lives and an increased amount of students dropping out of college and university not graduating.

Community colleges lost 351,000 students
662,000 fewer students enrolled in undergraduate programs
Total undergraduate enrolment has dropped by nearly 1.4 million
In 2019, the overall dropout rate was 40% for a four-year degree


According to the NY Times, college and university enrolment numbers are down

The state of college students completing their studies is on the decline due to lower college enrolments, increased student challenges, increased tuitions, college staff and faculty struggling to manage their own mental health and other factors.


Students need to be inspired, they need tools, resources and mentorship to accomplish their goals.

Students need inspiration, someone to motivate them and encourage them to keep going. They need to be reminded of the greatness within and they need tools and resources to help them develop new habits that will drive their success. Coach Stone can help! He has been inspiring young people and students to get clear about what they want, focus on their education, and take action to achieve their biggest goals. 



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Transformational Talk

Danny will do a keynote talk at your college / university-wide orientations, or student events and lead then tm to take insired action.

In-Depth Workshops

Coach Stone will deliver a 6-part student success series of workshops. Students and staff will recieve in-depth workshops and seminars to help them develop a champion mindset.

On-demand Classes

Students can get access to Champion You Academy, on-demand courses to shift their mindset, achieve their goals, and take actions.

Danny Stone also known as Coach Stone is in the Building is a Mindset and Leadership Speaker and Teacher. He is the Founder of Champion You Academy, an online academy to help individuals and entrepreneurs level up their businesses and their lives.

Danny is dedicated to helping students succeed in their studies and in life.

He is a former College Instructor and facilitator that has inspired countless students and young people to accomplish their goals and follow their dreams.

Coach Danny Stone

Speaker - Teacher - Coach - Advisor

Hear from students and staff:

“He made me see the possibilities I never saw and in less than six months, I have advanced greatly in life and have achieved what I never believed I could achieve. Personally, it has helped me get more organized and productive. The students have given a lot of testimonies about how much what they learned from Danny. He has helped them tremendously and they cannot wait to have him speak to us again next semester.”

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Student Association President Nova Scotia Community College

“Your message was wonderfully tailored for our students and your personal story really hit me in the heart. It was moving and motivational and perfect…You really did an amazing job. Thanks again for being such an important part of our orientation and I hope that we will have the chance to work together again.”



Senior Advisor Nova Scotia Community College

“Danny is so inspirational! He was one of our speakers and round table discussion leaders for our World Cafe event at the University of Toronto Transition Year Program and the students loved him. Danny is engaging, motivational, and funny yet leaves you with practical tips that you can implement right now to change your situation or your life. It’s almost as if he is speaking directly to each individual, that’s what makes him such a powerful speaker and mentor.”

LA Wade


TYP Program Registrar - University of Toronto

“Personally, I was able to take a few things away from your discussion with us specifically the 5 M’s for morning routines. Our players were very engaged during your time with us and I know that many of the points you brought up were relevant to their lives. Thank you for taking the time to work with our group we are eternally grateful.”

Coach Glenn

Head Coach University of Prince Edward Island Men's Basketball Team


Coach Stone will help students tap into your inner champion and unlock the success that they desire!
Contact Danny to speak at your next Student Orientation or Event and for a customized Student Success Series.