August 20, 2015
Ian Tolliver, Financial Expert

“I have known Danny for 20 years and in that time he has proven his desire to passionately help people learn, grow, and achieve more success. His work as a career and life coach has transformed the lives of clients, family members, and friends, including myself. He takes a common sense approach to guide people out of being stuck to achieving their life goals. I know his book, You Have the Keys, Now Drive: 10 Essentials Steps to Get Unstuck and Live a Happier Life is going to be a HUGE success. Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet Danny or hear him speak can attest to the fact that he genuinely cares about people and seeing them live the life that they deserve. I look forward to purchasing my copy of the book when it is finished…A signed copy ofcourse. Congratulations on your success so far my friend.”