August 20, 2015
Margot Daley, Television Producer

“You Have the Keys, Now Drive helped me get unstuck when I felt stuck in the mud spinning my wheels in a job I had lost passion for. Deep down inside we often know the things that need to ultimately change in our lives but it’s a bigger challenge figuring out how to make the change or drawing up the courage to make it happen. Danny’s book was exactly the inspiration at exactly the right time. After reading the book, underlying almost everything and doing the exercises, I realized it was time to leave a good job which no longer brought me the joy and satisfaction it once did. I’ve since found the courage to leave and pursue a slightly different direction which has always intrigue me and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s also challenged me to realistically re-examine other areas of my life that have been overlooked.

It’s recommended reading for everyone who may feel themselves at a crossroads.”