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If you want more clarity in your life or business, set up your complimentary call to help you get more clear about what you want, where to focus and how to create the life or business you deserve. Book your  20 minute Clarity Call with Coach Stone.  

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What type of business should I start? That’s a question Coach Stone gets often. Or, sometimes individuals have a business and want to start another business. This quiz will help you figure out what type of business to start.


Now is your time! It’s time for you to create the life you deserve. How?  By being more productive, getting clear about what you really want, and taking action to make it happen. We have courses to help you create the life and business you deserve.


Check out The Grind and Gratitude Show podcast. A podcast dedicated to helping you level up your life and business with practical and actionable tools, resources, and interviews with amazing individuals that are goal-getters.

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About Danny Stone

Hi, I am Danny Stone, Speaker, Teacher, Author, Coach, Entrepreneur, and Personal Development Teacher. I am the Founder of the Passion Impact Program Coaching Program.

I am dedicated to helping you create more freedom in your life by going from employee to entrepreneur.


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It was 3 years in the making, 10 men wrote a powerful book and created a movement to help boys and men breakthrough barriers and step into greatness. In this book 10 men share powerful stories of adversity and how they fell down but got back up. At the end of each chapter there are principles, lessons that will inspire you to keep going and walk towards greatness. This book will inspire you!

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"There's something special about you, find out what it is and live it out loud!"

- Danny Stone

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What Clients Are Saying

"Danny has taught me to be more disciplined with my objectives. It was a great start to my photography business! In just 5 days I created my business cards and started selling my photos online. This motivated me to do even more."
Dana Bailey
Felix, Brazil
"The reason I love Danny's coaching and mentorship is that he practices what he preaches. It's rare these days to find a coach that coaches from personal experience...I love his style and his ability to connect with his clients!"

David Larsen
Tash, California
"His ability to deeply connect with diverse groups allows him to share valuable information in a way that gets people to really use it."

Bob Wells
Kofi, Canada

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