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Leadership and Empowerment Speaker – Author – Coach – Founder Champion You Academy

"Your message was powerful, heartfelt and so inspiring Danny!!!
You did an incredible job!!!."

Deanna - Student Service Advisor Nova Scotia Community College


Keynote experience that delivers: a champion mindset, resilience, and change mastry!

Danny Stone is a seasoned leadership and empowerment speaker.  Audiences leave his talks inspired, energized, and ready to take action to shift their life in a major way. Participants will begin think think differently and do something different to tap into their inner champion to create the life they desire.


Danny delivers an unforgettable and transformative experience that will take your life to the next level. What he loves most is when audience member say “It’s as if he was speaking directly to me” 


But life wasn’t always this fun for Coach Stone. He grew up in low-income housing, surrounded by drugs and crime, bullied by drug dealers, and was headed down the wrong path. He felt helpless, lost, and struggled with low self-esteem. Danny was tired of being tired. After finally hand with the help of mentors decided to change his life for the better. It was shifting his mindset, habits, and people he associated with that helped him change his life. Now he stands on stages around the world to help others tap into their inner champion and change their lives.

Champ framework

To create the life you deserve, to have the financial freedom you want, to be able to live your dreams, it requires you to think different and do something different. That’s why Coach Stone teaches you his 

5-step C.H.A.M.P framework based in his book, You Have The Keys, Now Drive.

Develop a C.H.A.M.P Mindset


To live your dreams it is neccessary to get clear about what you REALLY want in your life


Create powerful habits that serve you and move you towards creating the life you want


Take action on the RIGHT things that help you achieve your big goals


To live your champion lifestyle it is important to find the right mentors to guide you and speed up your success


Champions never quit, they keep doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

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Growing up in low-income housing surrounded by drugs and crime, geting bullied by drug dealers, and headed down the wrong path, I never knew I was worthy. It was mentors, basketball, and alot of self-development that changed my life. I’ve been on a questio to change my life and help others do the same. I share what I have learned. inthis book.

"Your words resonated with me as those of Les Brown did when I was much younger and making my way in life. You are gifted and thanks for sharing that gift with us."

John, Retired Military Veteran / College Student

About Danny Stone

Coach Stone is in the building is being heard all over the world on stages, podcasts, and interviews. Danny Stone, known as Coach Stone has been described as a Leadership Speaker who speaks about finding your inner champion and being the driver of your life. For years he's been coaching individuals helping them level up their businesses and their lives. His books and podcast reach people in almost  50 countries.


The goal for many people is to make a greater impact in the world and do meaningful work. Coach Stone has helped countless people see something different and do something different to tap into their inner champion and change their lives.


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"Danny is a dynamic speaker and entrepreneur who provides tactful solutions to help your business to grow and flourish"

Chris-Beth Cowie, - CEO, Empowered 4x

3 Ways to go Deeper With Coach Stone

3 Ways to go Deeper With Coach Stone


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WHAT audience members ARE SAYING

“He truly has the ability to connect with his audience because he doesn’t speak AT you he speaks TO you. Danny comes across as that cheerleader, that hype man that wants you to do better and knows you can do better and want’s you to find greatness within



Correctional Officer, Maximum Security Prison

Thank you, Danny! Your motivational words have helped me gain clarity on what I want for my future, who I want to share it with, and how taking regular steps toward my goals is the only way to reach them!


Mom of 3, First-year College Student

“Danny brings the energy, desire, and the push you need to take action and take control of your life! I would highly recommend Coach Stone to work with professionals, students, and anyone who is seeking personal growth and development. Thank you, Coach Danny!”



College Student Advisor


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