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Coach Stone is a Leadership Speaker, Business Advisor, Author, Podcast Host,, and Founder of Champion You Academy. He is dedicated to helping people tap into their inner champion and live reach their potential!

"Danny is very dedicated to helping individuals realize their full potential..."

"Danny is very dedicated to helping individuals realize their full potential...He is very good at identifying the strengths within individuals and he's able to nurture those strengths."
Bank Manager

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Coach Stone is in the BUILDING is heard on stages, podcasts, radio and TV around the world! He inspires people to tap into their inner champion and find their greatness! He is a Leadership Speaker, Author, Business Coach, Podcast Host and Founder of Champion You Academy an online academy helping business owners level up their businesses and lives. He is a former University basketball player whose received various awards over the years.

Coach Danny Stone has been speaking in classrooms and on stages for almost 20 years! He believes everyone has a champion inside of them they just need to remind themselves of their greatness, get clear about what they want and take massive action to create the life of their dreams! Danny is committed to helping people tap into their inner champion. Through his speaking, coaching, books, podcast and Champion You Academy, he helps people shift their mindset, get clear about what they really want and take action to make it happen.

But life wasn’t always this fun.

Danny grew up in low-income housing surrounded by drugs, crime and violence and lost friends due to gun violence. He was headed down the wrong path and was either going to end up in jail or dead like so many of his friends.

He chose to change his thinking and his life. Danny went to university, played basketball and tried to get a degree and a “good job.” He ended up dropping out of university and eventually found himself in the corporate world managing training and coaching. He finally got his”good job!” But that wasn’t good enough he wanted more! His mission was bigger than working in a corporation. He wasn’t happy in his job, he overworked, overweight, and he felt stuck in his life. He knew he had to make some changes in his life.

He decided to start his own company as a consultant and speaker, launched his book, and began life and business coaching. This was the beginning of his mission to speaks on stages and coach individuals to find that inner champion and create the life they deserve!

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Champion Mindset

Leadership Speaker

I love connecting with audiences both small and large. Over the years I have been blessed to have spoken at conferences, retreats, seminars, meetings groups, and other groups. Engaging people in thought, laughter, and activities that get them thinking and acting in new ways is what I believe leads to real, sustainable change. I speak on topics from Building Your Confidence to Taking Control of Your Life to Living Your Legacy and more. I cannot believe I have been a public speaker for almost 20 years!

Founder Champion You Academy

I am passionate about teaching and seeing entrepreneurs win! That’s why I developed The School of Success, an online school to help entrepreneurs get started on and grow their businesses and lives.

I have taught TONS of courses as a College Instructor, Consultant, Facilitator, to Personal Development Teacher. Over the last 15 years I have worked with hundreds of people as a coach and teacher and I have taken what I learned and developed products and training to help you get what you want in life. 

Podcast Host

The Grind and Gratitude Show is a podcast that teaches you how to grind and hustle to get what you want in life while making a greater impact in the world. Each episode Danny teaches you how to create the life and business you want by providing you with tools, resources and intimate conversations with people that are experts in their fields. You, the listener are the co-host and Danny engages you in the conversation as if you are sitting right beside him. The Podcast recently reached #34 in the Entrepreneurship category on Apple Podcast and has listeners in 55 countries so far.

Business Advisor / Coach

Coaching is a powerful tool to help people tap into who they really are, achieve their goals, and build the life they want. For more than 15 years I have been working with coaching clients from to help them unlock more success and joy in their lives and their businesses. Through the Champion You Community and Champion You Academy I help clients make more income, impact and influence.  My clients and I work together to define what success looks like for them, develop a plan to get it, and keep going until they win. Join the Champion You Community on Clubhouse for free weekly coaching and conversations with Coach Stone and other coaches and experts. 

2-Time Author

Danny co-authored a new book with 9 other men called Knew Me, in the book the 10 men share stories of perseverance of beating the odds. This book recently reached #13 in a category on Amazon.   I also authored a personal development book, You Have the Keys, Now Drive: 5 Keys and 5 Habits to Personal Change. In the book, I provide a step-by-step strategy to help you take control of your life by changing your habits. Whether you are feeling stuck in your job, relationship, struggling with your health or feeling lost in life, this book will help you breakthrough and move forward. The book has currently reached readers in 8 countries! It still amazes me that I have written a book that people are reading and sending me messages about how it is helping them move forward.  A portion of the book sales goes to helping youth in my mentorship program. We help build up young boys and men to become strong, educated men in their communities. We help build up young boys and men to become strong, educated men in their communities. BIG NEWS! Both books have now been accepted in a prison in Toronto Canada as suggested reading for inmates!

Community Servant

Giving back and helping others is what I have done me entire life. I believe in helping to lift up others in some way. It is about paying it forward and showing gratitude for all that I have and the amazing life experiences that I have had. My current philanthropic work is with Zero Gun Violence Movement and our mentorship program for young boys and men in high priority and high crime areas in the Greater Toronto Area. A percentage of all book sales goes to help fund various programs and services. Learn more about Zero Gun Violence Movement, CLICK BELOW.

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"After reading the book and underlining almost everything and doing the exercises, I realized it was time to leave a job that no longer brought me joy and satisfaction. I've since found the courage to leave and pursue a slightly different direction that has always intrigued me and I couldn't be happier about it."
TV Producer / Photographer
"It was amazing to hear you speak about various ways to think about what success could look like and how we can achieve or start thinking about careers at a young age"
Co-Executive Director

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