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Danny Stone AKA Coach Stone has been inspiring people all over the world to unleash their inner champion and change their lives through his books, speaking, and podcast. Learn more about these transformational books.


Danny Stone

About Danny

Danny Stone, or Coach Stone, is a TV and Radio Guest Expert, International Speaker, Author, Coach, Podcast Host and Community Servant who has been helping individuals unlock their inner champion for many years. His books have reached readers in more than 9countries and are currently being read by incarcerated men in the Canadian prison system.

But life wasn’t always this fun for Coach Stone. He grew up in low-income housing, surrounded by drugs, crime and violence and was headed down the wrong path. He lost friends to gun violence and others due to incarceration and KNEW he had to change his life or he would end up in prison or dead.

He made the decision to change his life and to help others do the same. With his 2 books You Have The Keys, Now Drive and Knew Me, Coach Stone lays the foundation to help you unlock your potential and create a better life for yourself.

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"This books changed my life! I was feeling lost and stuck and didn't know what to do then I read this book and it gave me actionable steps to take! Simply Amazing!"
Coach Lovemore
Live & Love Coach
"This is a must read for every entrepreneur or anyone trying to make a difference in the world!"
Actor, Author, Artist

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You Have The Keys, Now Drive

In this interactive book Coach Stone lays out 5 keys and 5 habits to unlock your personal change. He gives you a step-by-step process to begin to take control of your life and unlock your true potential. At the end of each chapter are tools and exercises that you can implement while you are reading the book to start changing your life.

Knew Me

Knew Me is a book about 10 inspirational stories from 10 black men that have overcome tremendous challenges. Each chapter unlocks a story from a different man who speaks his truth about a life challenge he has overcome to step into his purpose. At the end of each chapter there are principles and lessons the reader can take away.

"After underlining everything in the book I realized I had to quit my job that no longer brought me satisfaction and pursue my true passion of photography and TV production."


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