You Can Be a Passenger or A Driver of Your Life

Danny takes audiences on a journey of going from being stuck, unclear and fearful to clarity, changing their mindset and believing in their dreams. He uses his story of growing up poor in low-income housing surrounded by drugs, crime and violence headed down the wrong path to a sought after speaker, coach and teacher. Danny has an ability to deeply connect with audiences and light a fire under them to get into action.

There's Something Special About You!

So often in life we struggle with our identity, our self-worth, and our ability to love ourselves. Regardless of if you are a student in high school or an adult, we all have moments when we need to be reminded that we are special. We need to know we are worthy of love, our dreams, and all that we desire. Danny gets real in this talk, it's one of his favorites to deliver. The responses have been ovewhelming after he has delivered this speech,as one person said, "it moved me in a way that I never expected!"

You're F'd Up: Full of Fear and Doubt

Fear holds us back. It stops us from taking action, it keeps us stuck and it holds us hostage from living the life we deserve. In this electrifying presentation Danny helps audeinces get to the bottom of fear and teaches them that the lies they are telling themselves are not true. He will help participants shift their mindset and understand that their WHY is bigger than their whining. 

Living Your Legacy

It’s never too early to start thinking about your contributions to society. Every day you are building your legacy, the question is, “Is it a legacy you can be proud of?” It’s time to be more conscious of your legacy. It's time to be more intentional about what you are building and who you are building it for.


Keynote Speech at the Canadian Association of Urban Professionals

"His ability to deeply connect with diverse groups allows him to share valuable information in a way that gets people to really use it."

- Kofi, Manager of Biz Start

How to Use Your Story to Grow Your Business Workshop - Biz Start

Driver of Your Destiny Workshops - City Hall

Living Your Legacy Keynote - Canadian Association for Urban Professionals

KNew Me Book Launch - Daniel Spectrum

Driver of Your Destiny Keynote Speech - George Brown College

Step Into Your Greatness - University of Toronto

What People Are Saying About Danny's Speaking

NBA Legend Isaiah Thomas & Me

Former Raptor Morris Peterson & Me

Lewis Howes & Me

Danny is a terrific speaker and trainer that has worked with our entrepreneurs at Youth Employment Services. His impactful training workshops have helped our entrepreneurs to tell compelling stories from both a business and personal perspectrive.

Kofi - Manager YES BIZ Entrepreneurship Program

Your speech was so inspirational. Thanks for sharing yoru story about growing up. Lately I have been feeling alone and not worthy. I feel like no one understands me. When you spoke about loving yourself and told us that we are special and worthy I believe you. Thank you for making me understand this about myself.

HS Student

Danny is so inspirational! He was one of our speakers and round table discussion leaders for our World Cafe event at the University of Toronto Transition Year Program and the students loved him. Danny is engaging, motivational, and funny yet leaves you with practical tips that you can implement right now to change your situation or your life. It’s almost as if he is speaking directly to each individual, that’s what makes him such a powerful speaker and mentor.

Lauriann - Registrar TYP University of Toronto

The feedback from Danny’s presentations were amazing. His speech about being the driver of your life and how you don’t need permission to be great really inspired the youth. He is a down-to-earth, keep-it-real speaker that mixes in powerful stories and humour to connect with the audience. Danny is someone who deeply cares about people and that comes across in his keynote conversations. I also heard some of the students reached out to him and sent him messages on social media and he responded to each of them

Ernie - Youth Outreach Worker
Thank you for sharing your journey with our young people. It was amazing to hear you speak about the various ways to think about what success could look like and how we can achieve or start thinking about careers at a young age. Opportunities present it’s self in multiple ways and you’ve reminded us to think differently, for example we realize that our strengths are within things that we enjoy and do everyday. Being able to turn existing talent into something of a career can be possible by doing more research and taking up any learning opportunities available. Thank you so much for coming to the Success Beyond Limits Program!

Mohamed - Co- Executive Director Success Beyond Limits

Danny has made a valuable contribution to our work. He has made various presentations and lead workshops to youth, adults and service agencies. He has spoken to various audiences ranging from small to large groups on an assortment of topics including leadership, goal setting and community development initiatives. He is passionate and his an increidble ability to connect and inspire his audiences.

Louis - Founder of Zero Gun Violence Movement

Wow! That's all I can say. Danny's presentation was fire. He keeps it real and he's not afraid to share his own journey. He definitely inspired me to follow my dreams.

HS Student

Hey Danny Stone I just wanted to say I was so inspired by your words about "be different" and "don't care what other people say about your passion" You really inspired me to work on my goal to be a singer. I am really thanksful and I wish you the best. Much appreciation. (the guy who slouched in his seat during ur amazing presentation)

Youth Advisory Council Member

Danny you are the man! For real. You are so down to earth and you keep it so real, thanks so much for coming to our school today. You really inspired me to be the driver of my life. I completely get what you mean. I already started following you on IG. Thank you so much!

HS Student

I hope you don't mind me tracking you down on social media, but I have to tell you this Danny...My son came home today and told me that you spoke at his school today. I have NEVER heard him so excited about a speaker. He said you spoke to him about being whatever he wants to be. You told him that he has greatness in him and to keep walking a positive path. Thank you so much for lighting a fire in my son!


I am Danny Stone came to our community centre today. When you talked about not asking permission to be who you want to be or do what you want to do, I felt that. I felt like you were talking directly to me. You are so inspirational. I'm ready to be myself and do what I want to do to better myself. Thank you for inspiring me.


Danny has an amazing ability to cnnect with students and teachers. Everyone in the room was hanging on to his every word. We were all so tuned in and wanted him to stay longer. When he told us that we have a greater mission than we know and to follow our curiosity I had never heard anyone say it like that. We will definitely have him back to speak to more students and teacher and staff.

Mrs. Legere - Woodbridge Collegiate


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