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Danny Stone is a Powerful Speaker, Author and Coach
That Helps Leaders and Individuals Win!

"His ability to deeply connect with diverse groups allows him to share valuable information in a way that gets people to really use it."
Manager of Biz Start

Danny Stone is a seasoned Speaker, Teacher and Facilitator with 20 years of experience delivering highly engaging, interactive and mission-driven keynote speeches, seminars, retreats, and workshops.

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If you are looking for a dynamic, engaging, though-provoking speaking who has a great sense of humour and timing, contact Danny now!

"You are gifted and thanks for sharing that gift with us."
Retired Military Veteran / College Student

About Danny Stone

Danny Stone is a Leadership, Mindset, Mental Health  SpeakerBest-Selling Author, Podcast Host, Author, Business Advisor and Coach,  Personal Development Teacher that has spoken in front of thousands of people. He is founder of the Champion You Academy, an online school teaching entrepreneurs how to level up their businesses and lives. His podcast The Grind and Gratitude Show has reached people in 55 countries!


You Have a Champion Inside you

Too often in life we allow our inner critic to shine through. It holds us in place. It’s stops us from going after our dreams. It tells us that we are not good enough. These are lies that our mind tells us. The truth is, there is a champion inside you. You have an inner champion that is resilient, brave, resourceful and curious. In this message, Danny reminds you of your inner champion and shares his own journey to find it. He gives you tools and resources to tap into your inner champion and shift your life in a powerful new direction.

You Have The Keys, Now Drive

So many people feel stuck in life, they feel like other people are passing them by. They want more out of life but they are not clear what they want and how to make it happen. In this talk, Coach Stone shows people how to tap into their inner strengths and talents, get clear about what they really want and be the driver of their lives! He shares key points from his book You Have The Keys, Now Drive which is being read and changing lives from people in different countries.

Your Time is Now

Your time hasn’t passed. The opportunity to start that business, to find a meaningful relationship, or to create your dream lifestyle is possible. You have the potential for so much more in your life but you must understand that your time was not yesterday and it’s not tomorrow… It’s right now! In this presentation Coach Stone gets you to identify what’s holding you back and what you need to do to start living your dreams right now.


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